Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maker's Faire

The Maker's faire has been pained of Funfest for at least three years now and we love going each year. This event is actually held all over the country at different times so check and see if you have a maker's or mini maker's faire near you!
 This year L-bug held a bee and learned a few things about bees from a local beekeeper.

One group had Lego machines that t
rotated. You got to tape a paper pmate on and draw as it spun. This was one of Ro-bear's favorite booths. 
There was a coscosplay booth this year. L-bug was intrigued by some of their masks, but Boo and Ro-bear loved the wings.  Ro-bear,  however, did not appreciate the one girl dressed up as a zombie.  Ro-bear does NOT do zombies.
Bell helicopter had these awesome helicopter kits for the kids to build.  

They also brought a real helicopter for people to look into. 

and of course take pictures with...

There were several other awesome booths not pictured above, for example a lady who designs coloring books, a high school robotics team, a booth on electricity, HAM radio operators and many more. We already can't wait for next year!

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