Friday, October 23, 2015

A wedding, a trip and a bug

A Wedding

On the 11th, we were lucky enough to go to the wedding of one of my best friends.  She's been out of country for years, so getting to see her was exciting to say the least, but a wedding just makes it that much better.  We also got to meet her now husband, whom we'd only met online. I must say it is a shame they do not live closer because they are both such wonderful people.

A Trip to Cincinnati

Our trip to Cinci just happened to correspond with Books by the Bank, which was a book festival to say the least.  The girls got to get face paint and do different crafts and activities.  Adults could shop for books from lots of authors, get signatures, and attend panel discussions. 

We also did our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  Boo and L-bug used some of their tickets to hold baby animals, but Ro-bear wasn't having any of that.  She chose to play on the playground and buy a sucker with her last ticket. Boo held a bunny and L-bug a chick.  Boo didn't want to hold onto her bunny, so I didn't get a lot of pictures because I had to keep catching the rascally rabbit.

This year the girls are dressing up as Anna, Elsa, and Artemis from Young Justice.

A Sick Week

 One our way home I noticed I was getting sick.  I was down with a cold all week, relying on Librivox for our school readings Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday Ro-bear and L-bug both got struck down and spent the whole day asleep on the couch.  Thursday was a little better, but they were still pretty tired and blah.  Finally Friday they seemed better, but we still didn't do a traditional day of school.  Ro and Boo started out the day playing bingo, memory, and the snap circuits.  Miss L got up and joined in the memory and pick up sticks.  She then made a case for why pick up sticks can count as physics and math for the day.  Then said we could play concept with historical figures for history, and Halloween figures for fun. The best story of concept was me trying to have L guess Harry  Houdini.  She got it was a magician, then goes hmmm, its that magician you like... Zucchini!

 We also played wits and wagers for reading and social science.  We finished the day off playing Splendor for fun.  We also tidied up the house, because we don't want to clean too much this weekend.  

I hope you have had a germ free time and hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in the Blue Rabbit Academy.  Join us again in two weeks for the next installment of homeschooling.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Princess Pumpkin

Library Programs

Every year the library has a pumpkin decorating contest.  This year we waited until the last minute to buy and paint our pumpkins.  They are due Monday, and the girls spent Thursday night and Friday morning painting away.  L-bug's pumpkin is named Princess Pumpkin.  Boo wanted to make hers a crown too, though not in these pictures.  At first Boo's pumpkin was named Special Kitty. We all asked her why Special Kitty was green, but she didn't care to tell us. Special Kitty is a stuffed animal she has that is white, black and pink.  

Tuesday at story time they had a firefighter come in to read the kids a story and show them around a fire bus.  They girls had a blast.  Even L-bug wanted to make the little craft.  She helped Boo with her glue first though, she's a good big sissy.  

Kingsport Carousel

Sunday was free ride day at the carousel, so we brought the girls.  They loved it so much that we stayed for close to an hour.  The people were so nice and let them ride as many times as we wanted.  We must have been there at a slow time, because when I talked to a friend later she said they waited in line in between rides.  We lucked out and were able to just keep going.  

Backyard Fun

We finally caught the little guy who has been eating the last of our tomatoes.  Due to all the rain we've been getting the tomatoes were split open anyway, but it was fun to see the squirrel who has been enjoying our garden.   

The girls found badminton rackets so we brought them to the backyard to play.  L-bug was pretty bad, but she kept trying and got better.  Ro-bear decided to keep score for us, but her idea of score was- L-bug is always winning.  

Crafty Buisness

I've seen the trend on Pinterest about Sharpie markers and mugs, and was interested in it for a while.  I finally found some plain white mugs marked down and read up on the process and knew to not use regular sharpies.  I bought a paint pen and drew these for out as presents.  I have a couple mugs left to draw on so we'll see what other mugs I get to make.  I was really happy with these though. 

The only other craft I've been working on lately is this cross stitch.  I believe it was designed by Sisyphus or maybe the energizer bunny.  It just keeps going and going and going.  I'm almost finished now though, I'm very glad its a Christmas present.  

I hope you've been having a wonderful two weeks.  Come back and visit us again in another two.  We'll be here, singing ABCs and counting our 1,2, Fluffies. (Boo doesn't have a good grasp on numbers yet, and adds Fluffy in at random intervals)