Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Summer

Happy July. We took some time this summer to get into a nice routine.
Monday is our free were we catch up on chores and play with friends.
Tuesday we go to the library for the preschool reading and then go to the bookstore for the day.

Wednesday we walk to the farmer's market, go to gymnastics,  pick up L-bug's friend and go to the elementary program at the library then we hit the grocery for the week. Wednesday is our busy day.

Thursday is another slow day where L-bug spends most of the day playing with friends and i spend most of the day cleaning.

Friday is splash pad day. We have a standing date with a handful of friends to meet every friday afternoon to play.

Let's see, other things we've done this summer. We planted a garden. It has really taken off.
Garden in May.

Garden in June

Boo had a birthday. She is three now.

L-bug and I have been reading about cosplay and costuming. We tried making a leather mask molded to the shape of her face. It needs work.

And finally for today, Ro-bear is addicted to reading. She's so cute.

We're also working on the blue rabbit cottage. and also Come check us out if you haven't already.

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