Friday, August 5, 2016

End of Summer or And there was Much Face Painting

We've been so busy switching gears that I've not been online very much in several weeks.  This gives me time with the family, but wreaks havoc on blogging, Etsy and YouTube.  However, I'm back and refreshed now.  Here's some of the things we did to end summer this year.

Food Truck Rally

L-bug, who now wishes to be referred to as Icy or Icy Breeze, is obsessed with food trucks, so we went to the food truck rally.  We ate from local trucks, got out faces painted and listened to our neighbor's band play.  That was a coincidence, we had no idea they were playing there that day.

Mardi Gras

Every year to start off Funfest they have a day called Mardi Gras, I still don't understand why its on a Friday in July, but oh well.  There are bead tosses, bouncy houses, and a parade.  And yet again, we got our faces painted.

Maker's Faire

We go to this event every year. There are activities to do and vendor to look at.  We got to walk on a non-Newtonian fluid or sink if they went too slowly.  Even Ro-bear joined in and she dislikes mess.  We also got to sit in a replica jeep that was totally created with a 3-D printer and is totally functional.

Yet, while there was a face painter present, we passed this time.

Around the House the Past Few Weeks

My husband had a week vacation during Funfest.  We mostly stayed home and rested, but one day he decided to fix the leak in the bathtub.  What was supposed to be an easy one hour project turned into a two day and half a new bathroom project.  At least the leak is fixed now.

After the bathroom repair he took the left over wall and cut the girls out new white boards which they have enjoyed drawing on.

Cardboard House- One day Ro-bear took Icy's washi tape and made an elaborate house on the floor for their little dolls.  The tape house quickly became a mess magnate, so we took a cardboard box, flatted it and made a new house.  This house can be picked up off the floor each day and helps keep the floor clean.

Folk Festival

This year I realized there is an events calendar for the Folk Festival, so we chose to go later in the day to see the Native American dancers.  That is something the girls haven't been to before and we all greatly enjoyed watching.  And just like other years, we got to throw hatchets and watch people doing old time crafts.  We also got to try walking on stilts this year, which is something else the girls haven't had a chance to do before.

New Kitten

A few weeks ago the girls found a little kitten out by the chicken coop.  They wanted to feed it, and came inside to get it some food and it marched right in the house after them.  It was covered in fleas and so hungry so we let it stay, while keeping and eye and ear out for anyone missing a kitten.  We got him all cleaned up and named him Oreo.  He's a little dog of a cat.  He likes to swim, and play fetch and steal food off people's plates when they aren't looking.  He's already growing like a weed. 

That's all for this summer.  In a few days I'll be back with a recap of our first school week.  Sorry for being gone so long and thanks for visiting with me here at the Blue Rabbit Academy.