Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer is flying to an end

Around here we've been wrapping up summer vacation.  The library summer program has come to an end and school supplies have been purchased. 
Boo and Ro-bear practicing gymnastics at the splash pad.

Bringing our friend a baby shower gift because we missed her shower.

We found Hello Kitty cookies at the store and the girls wanted to have a tea party with the cookies.

Library end of the year party, everyone's a super hero.

Boo snuggling her favorite kitty Tammy.

Ro-bear and Boo playing Monopoly.  Boo wanted to buy every space.  Lands on Chance card: I buys it get more monies. me: You can't buy that. Boo: I gets more monies?

Ro-bear decided to do a modeling show at the mall, which surprised everyone because Ro-bear is the shyest child we know.  She didn't win, but loved it so much she wants to do it again next year.

We went to the Maker's Faire as part of Funfest this year.   We look forward to it all year because we love going to the faire and seeing what new booths are available and what new things the old vendors bring each year.  This year we got to build mini metal helicopters from Bell helicopter and draw using Lego robots.  L-bug got to hold a bee. Boo thought she wanted to hold a bee, but changed her mind at the last second.

Since the Maker's Faire and other activities are very picture heavy I'm going to be doing a separate blog post on each of our fun summer experiences. Tune in soon for more details. I hope you're having a wonderful and cool summer and stop in soon to the Blue Rabbit Academy or check out the Blue Rabbit Cottage to see what we've been into in the world of crafts. 

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