Friday, August 7, 2015

First week of 2015-16

This year L-bug is working on fourth grade. Ro-Bear has started Kindergarten, or at least that's what she's calling it, really she's still pre-school level, but it makes her feel better to say she's in Kindergarten. Boo is really just tagging along for the ride, but wanted her picture with a sign, so pre-K it is.  L-bug is still using a mix of The Well Trained Mind and Ambleside online.  Ro-bear is using the same "year .5" that L used when she was 4, save science. I switched in Mudpies instead of Science 4 Kids.

For our first art drawing lesson this year Boo wanted us to draw "mermaibs," so we looked up a tutorial on mermaids.  We weren't too thrilled with our results, but it was user error. The tutorial was fine, I guess we're just that out of practice with drawing.

This week for history we have made it up to the third chapter in SOW volume 4 and the only activity we were interested in so far was making nan.  L-bear did 99% of the work herself.  While I will say this nan was nothing like the naan I've had before it was a really delightful bread. L was so proud of having made it as well.

This picture is so funny because I caught Ro mid punch.  She got quite a kick out of punching the dough as sissy kneaded it.  Also funny was L-bug singing- I need you to 'knead' me.  She finished singing and says, "get it, the bread is singing."

We used her bread for BLTs with out first beefsteak tomato of the year out of our garden. It was quite a remarkable sandwich. 

This summer I had bought the girls some bathtub paints from Target, and totally forgot.  I found them in the art closet this week and let the girls paint.  The girls had a blast.  Ro-bear and Boo even climbed in the tub again today, and while I was warming up the water they had already mixed up three different shades of purple and painted half of themselves and the tub. I couldn't get pictures that time, however, I'd left my camera in another room.

Our first folk song this year is Kookaburra and while L already knew most of the words, she loves this song and is working very hard to get Ro to sing it in a round with her.  Ro can't quite wrap her mind around a round though, so they are still practicing.  L loves this song so much she decorated our white board with kookaburra and a confused kangaroo one day.  Not sure why there's a kangaroo, maybe that's why he's confused- he can't figure out why he's in the picture either. 

L's still going strong in her gymnastics and hip hop, she's still taking ballet, but it isn't her favorite. Her best friend just dropped ballet, so I have a feeling L will want to drop it soon.  Ro has started trying ballet and hip hop. She likes ballet much more, but I think she likes being with big sis enough to take hip hop. 

Random cute story: Boo has been listening along with Ro-bear to the reading book. One morning she looks at me and says "I know a says ah, now I can READ!"

We have already dropped a book this year.  I feel a little guilty, like I'm teaching my daughter bad habits, but there are so many books out there that we're missing by spending time on Robinson Crusoe. We both found him to be a bit whiny, so we gave up for now and moved on to The Secret Garden.  We also started reading The Fellowship of the Rings as a free read, but keep running out of free time.  If any of my lovely readers have an option on old Robinson let me know, because I'd love to know whether you think we're doing okay dropping him, or if we should pick him back up at a later point.  I've never read the book myself, so I'm really not sure which is best for us. 

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  1. Saw a kookaburra this morning. Usually they are up in the trees, on sign posts--wherever they can get a good view. This one was down on the ground next to the road. He must have found something to eat!