Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 School Supplies We Can't Live Without

We have many things we use everyday in our school.  We have a tote for our most used books in L-bug's room, a shelf for occasional books in the living room, and shelves lining the walls with free reads.  There is the phone where we listen to Librivox, and the tablet where we do Duolingo, and the desktop where we use Kahn, ABC Mouse, and Peep: in spite of all this we have narrowed down the top 5 school supplies we just can't live without.

What is so funny about this list is the fact that these five items are so important they are magical. You see, they get up and move on their own.  We spend more time looking for these things everyday than we spend looking for the hairbrush (and the brush has several little sprites who help hide it each day.

From least to most important we have...

The pencil sharpener.  We have dozens of tiny pencil sharpeners and yet we can never find them.  Do they have parties under the furniture? I don't know, but they are sneaky little pests.

Pencils themselves come in at number four.  We have buckets full of crayons, but pencils simply fly away.  The girls get numerous pencils for back to school and in Christmas stockings, but no luck.  Every day we have the same hunt for a 'writing stick.'

Scissors are in the middle of the pack.  Now, truthfully, we do not use scissors everyday.  However, we have ten or so pairs, ranging from safty scissors to sewing scissors and everything in between.  Can we find them when we need them? Never.

Number two is dry erase markers.  At the beginning of each school year, I buy bushels of packages for brand new dry erase markers. And every year we loose them one by one.  By spring break we're usually down to the yucky orange that's hard to read.  Some the babies leave uncapped and they dry out, but overall they just pull a Houdini and vanish.

Finally, white boards.  Everyday we write out our day's work on a white board.  The board is supposed to go in the aforementioned tote, and yet somehow every morning I'm searching for a board to get the day started.

These are our five top school supplies we cannot live without here at the Blue Rabbit Academy.  In the comments share your necessary supplies and whether they also have minds of their own.

Thank you for visiting the Blue Rabbit Academy.  Please come back and visit again soon. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

February Funk

Welcome Back

We have been rather busy around the academy.  Sadly, it feels like we're slacking in the school department and we're just busy with everything else in life.  I think we're really doing fine, we're just feeling the February funk.  We're a little tired of the snow, wind, and mud.

Sleep Over

L-bug had some friends spend the night last weekend.  We made some cupcakes, got pizza and rented a couple of movies.  Half of us hadn't seen Hotel Transylvania II, so the sissies and I were invited to watch with the big girls.  It was a fairly cute movie.  The other movie rented was Goosebumps so sissies and I left to go watch Barbie and the Rockin' Royals upstairs.  One of our guests couldn't make it because there was a bad snow storm and they weren't sure if they'd be able to leave their house the next day to pick her back up.  Sadly, the snow all melted the next day, but better safe than sorry.  We'll have to throw another sleep over again soon, so that everyone can come.


Right after the sleepover I fell to the plague.  Not really, but it was a nasty head cold.  Boo had had a case of the sniffles the week before, but it was nothing like this.  I had a fever and a cold that went straight to a cough.  Thankfully the fever and cold lasted two or three days, but the cough still lingers.  L-bug fell pray to the cough today and spent her day on the couch doing as little as possible.


After the storm that looked to be pretty bad, but melted quickly- we had another good downpour of snow.

 4.5", and that's a lot for us.  Sadly, we were sick and that storm ended with a rain storm so the snow was totally gone the next day.  Thankfully it didn't then ice over, that was my biggest fear. 

Lego Club

We did manage to make it to Lego Club this month, it was a little bit iffy all day.  We were running late, but we made it anyway.  Ro-bear and L-bug worked on the theme of the month: mazes.  Boo played with some Duplo and we built an 'airplane' together. 


Most of my crafting time has been devoted to Christmas presents for the girls.  I decided this year I am going to make some clothes for the girls' 18" dolls, so I needed to start early and work a little bit all year.  So far I  have most of a coat, hat, boots and scarf set done each, and two of three tutus done.  I think after these sets I'll take a break to work on some other projects.  If you like the doll tutus, we'll be carrying some over at the Blue Rabbit Cottage in the months to come. 


L-bug finally has her YouTube channel.  Her user name is Icy Breeze and her show is called The Icy Breeze show.  So far we just have the one episode up, which is a toy reveal.  We have a few other videos lined up in our editing software and a few more ideas in our heads for filming.  This has been a fun experience so far. 

On Bookshelf

Due to being sick and crazy, we just finally finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We loved this book, but we're debating about what book to read next.  Books in our line up are, By the Shores of Silver Lake, we had started this book and couldn't get into it like the rest of the series, so we shelved it for later.  The Fellowship of the Ring which we also started, but due to sore throat had shelved for a shorter book.  or continue in the Narnia series.  Any suggestions?  Please comment below with which book you would chose and why. 

I hope you have had a pleasant visit with us today.  I hope you have avoided all the illnesses and the February funk and can sit down with a piping hot cup of tea, put your feet up and just enjoy your evening.  That sounds lovely to me at least.  I hope to see you back here again soon, I have a special post in the works, so check back next week, I'm thinking Wednesday to see what I've got up my sleeve. Until then- peace.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Go to Bed

"Go to bed" has probably been the most said phrase in my house this week.  What have you had to repeat more times than you care to count this week alone?

Fun things the Littles say:

Boo: You'll pay for that!
Ro-bear: Do you even know what that means?
Boo: Yeah, it means you have to give me all your monies.


Boo: I'm a big girl because I use the potty, but I'm still a little girl because I'm short. I'm big and small, so I'm a little girl.


New Subjects

L-bug has started programing on Kahn Academy. She's just started this week, but she is really loving it.  She has drawn a snowman, and a dinner plate so far. 

She's also decided she really doesn't want to take Spanish anymore.  So, this New Year when I started Duolingo in Spanish she started in French, then I picked up French just to brush up on it all because its been a while.  She's getting to a point where its getting easier because all the words aren't totally new anymore. 


L-bug has become obsessed with YouTube toy channels like DisneyCarToys and The Mommy and Gracie Show.  She's wanting to open her own channel to play with toys, and do skits, etc.

She's also obsessed with the anime Fairy Tail.  We'd gotten two new seasons on DVD for Christmas because we watched both seasons on Netflix already.  She's devoured them and is totally waiting for the next gift giving occasion hoping we'll get a few more seasons.

Boo is obsessed with sitting on my Pinterest and looking at pictures of Sword Art Online.  Her favorite characters are Yui and Asuna.


Ro-bear has moved up to big girl gymnastics.  She loves her new class and her new coach. On the flip side Boo is just eating up the fact that she's now the big girl in her class.  She's showing off and acting like the little princess we all know her to be.

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but in the center is little Ro-bear on her big girl beam with L-bug and the rest of the class.

On the Bookshelf Homeschool edition

Over at the Blue Rabbit Cottage we've started a feature called "on the bookshelf" were I talked about the recent book I'd read.  I thought that I'd share what the kids and I have been reading.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe we're half through the novel and L-bug is very excited to finally get to Aslan any chapter now.  We went to Jungle Jim's recently and bought some Turkish Deights... they were not a huge hit.  We're also planning on watching the movie when we have finished the book. 

Outside time

We've been spending more time outside because of the beautiful weather and the chickens.  The chickens want to get out and forage around the yard.  We've been trying to let them out for half an hour or so each day to run around and eat buggies.  Its going to turn cold again shortly so staying out won't be as much fun.

Lego Club:

This month at Lego club the kids built robots.  Ro-bear was very proud of her robot.

L-bear's is the tall robot beside her.

Contest on Blue Rabbit Cottage

Head over to the Blue Rabbit Cottage Facebook page and 'like' and 'share' the contest post for a chance to win a bow.  Contest ends February 28, 2016 and winner will be announced February 29, 2016.

Hope you have had a good week and we hope to see you back at the Blue Rabbit Academy to see a little bit about what we do at our school and life in general.