Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New School Year

So, L-bug has started 3rd grade. She's jumped right in and, most days, seems to be enjoying her work.  Ro-bear is dying to start school and is disappointed in her 'baby' games I set out for her, and Boo just wants to be part of everything- her middle name should have been 'me too.'

Here are some highlights from the first 5.5 weeks of school this year.

In Geography this year we started to make a paper mache globe. I say started because 2 weeks later the balloon is still half papered and sitting on a shelf in the kitchen.  
 L-bug practiced her sewing skills making a pillow for her American Girl doll.  With Boo's help of course.
 L-bug got a new bike for her birthday and rode her sisters around on her old bike.
 Boo is crying because sissy took away the 'hat' not because she got hurt.  She loves the bike helmet so much that she hid it under the sink in the bathroom so she didn't have to share.
 We have been working on a fairy house for a few weeks now.  It is a little crooked, but that just adds character right?
 For her birthday L-bug got a stitching kit box and was working on a plastic canvas sewing project one day. She about has the hang of it, but the flipping and repeating throws her off each row for a few stitches.
 We're trying something new this year in school. Month long independent projects. For her first project L-bug chose to learn about horses and make a model horse for her presentation.  She did not take as much time as she could have on her horse and he's fallen apart.  Her presentation was good though, and I think she learned she can't throw together a project at the last minute and expect it to be good.

 These were our first day of school pictures.  L-bug.
 and Boo.  My camera has been acting up lately, so sorry for the lines, I love the face she's making though, so Boo.
 On our first day of school we also did Dream Posters.  Each girl got a piece of poster board and post it notes and they wrote or drew things that make them unique/them on the papers.  Boo clearly didn't understand, but she had a blast doodling.  Ro-bear started out with things like polka dots and elephants (which are her favorite things) then doodled and called her doodles Kay flippers.  When asked what a kay-flipper was she says 'a flying car'.  Who knows, perhaps she'll invent a kay-flipper one day.

 Boo is in a phase where she wants pictures of her feet. Foot (butt in Boo talk) appears in almost all pictures of her.  She'll bring me the camera and say 'my butt' and sit down and stick her foot out and I'm supposed to take pictures until she's bored.
 Dance party.
 Let's take a serious picture I say... Ro-bear sticks her tongue out... yeah.
 Ro-bear and Boo working on stamp pictures.
 L-bug got her ears pierced for her birthday. She's a very happy 8 year old.
 Finally, the fairy house is getting painted.  Sadly, L-bug didn't change clothes before she painted so now she has yet another paint shirt.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm a horrible blogger

Let's see, we've done so much lately.

February in review



Does the Moon Shine Experiment.  We took a ball of foil, went into a dark place, and then shone a flashlight on it (the sun) sadly the only working light we could think of was the drill... flashlights don't last long in our house all the girls LOVE them.

Making Valentines for her PE class.  She picked a design she liked on Pinterest (cat faces from hearts) and before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics we started cutting out hearts.
Right after all the countries walked through in the Olympics I look over and see this.  She made it through all the countries, but missed most of the show.

Winter trip to Bays Mountain for science.  L-bug had found a rock we couldn't identify from our book, so we went and looked at the rock collection at Bays and found it. Of course we also had to check out the animals and play on the little play thing. 

The Carousel Project had a soap carving class for kids, so L-bug and two of our neighbor kids went to it.  Sadly we were the only people not from GIRLS INC there and the lady from GIRLS INC snubbed us because L-bug and I are homeschoolers.  Luckily the man running the show was great and treated everyone well.  After the class they let the kids look at the carousel and a wonderful man who just happened to be in working stopped to show the L what he was doing and answer questions. 

We made Valentines cookies just in case, but as you can guess by the amount of snow that day we didn't have PE the next day, so we got to enjoy all those lovely sugar cookies ourselves :).