Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cough Cough Hack hack

Late again, but I have a cold sorry.  Everything's going a little slow around here this week. 

So last week was a bear of a week.  The public school was off for fall break, but we decided to wait until the last week of the month for fall break, so L-bug was a little cranky that 'everyone else' was off.  It was an uphill struggle all week and I wish we'd just taken the week off sigh. 

Monday we had school outside, because the weather was so lovely.  The downside of this was a little girl from down the street came to join us and listened in on school... this made everything take twice as long as it should have because L-bug wasn't listening and P kept yelling out wrong answers... I don't think on purpose though, she's a good kid.  While the kids listened to me reading they painted rocks.
Tuesday we had to get to work around 1 so I said we couldn't go out to do school, but I felt bad because the weather was nice again.
 Ro-bear's hard work was to string beads onto pipe cleaners.   She enjoyed it, but would rather just play with the pipe cleaners.

 While listening to me reading L-bug drew a picture of a toucan in a tree with her new dry erase pencils, which suck btw.  They break when you look at them and the pencil sharpener they came with just tears the up... they were way more frustration than they are worth.
Wednesday Ro-bear's activity was to scoop Halloween erasers into a tin.  I gave her maybe 20 of the erasers,  but she climbed up and helped herself to the whole bucket full.  This wouldn't have been a bad thing, but Boo and Ro-bear spread them out ALL over the living room and it was a pain in the behind to pick them all back up.

 We did a cookie experiment to look at plate tectonics today... I didn't think to take pictures while we were studying the cookies, but here's Boo and Ro-bear enjoying the plates afterwards :).
 Ro-bear shared the 'hard work' with Boo,,, um yea... not.

 This picture explains why I don't always have good pictures of things like I'd like to.  Boo climbs up in my lap and grabs at the camera.
L-bug practicing the ukulele with daddy.  You can't see her face, but she did seem a little happier than she did with the guitar.

Thursday was a very bizarre day.  L-bug got up and started complaining about her leg hurting.  Which led to her screaming in pain and asking to go to the dr.  So I made an appointment and we get there and her leg starts feeling better.... go figure.  The Dr said she thinks it was a bruise and to have L-but stay off it for a few days and see. 
So we get home and go to Mccoys then come home and bake pumpkin chip muffins.
 Which Boo and Ro-bear kept stealing...
 We're innocent really.
What gave us away? the chocolate on our faces? oh....

Friday we packed and got ready for a trip up to see Uncle Kenny and then Grandma and Grandpa.  It was Court Days at Uncle Kenny's so we left early enough to get to his house and have time to walk around court days.
 Don't forget to pack us Mommy.

 Ro-bear and Boo borrowed a wagon to ride in and L-bug was just dying to pull... so Daddy let her.

Surprisingly she lasted longer than I thought she would.  Okay since this blog's already late and Ro-bear just brought me a pile of books and started reading them to me, I'll post about Saturday tomorrow.

Thanks for waiting around for me. Hope you all have a healthy and happy week.

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