Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Day

I'm sure you've all found out that life just goes a little better when you have a rhythm to your day.  The kids behave better and the house looks mildly cleaned.  Right now we have a nice rhythm going although I know it won't last forever.

7:00 we get up and get breakfast, start the laundry and sit around together for a while.  We all get dressed and do the get ready thing and get ready for our school work.  Also, we're nice and predictable and eat the same thing every day for breakfast- Monday is waffles or pancakes, Tuesday is eggs, Wednesday is bagels or toast, Thursday is poptarts or cereal and Friday is smoothies.  Saturday and Sunday are whatever we want days (within reason)

8:00 we start our sit down work.  We always start with our daily notebook and Bible then go on with whatever I've gotten written on the white board for the day.  I have a 'set schedule' for each day of the week. We take a break at 10 to put Boo to bed, get a snack (usually cheese and sesame seeds) and put the laundry in the dryer.  We finish our sit down work around 12.

12:00- lunch time.  We're predictable here too: Monday is sandwiches, fruit and pretzels, Tuesday is ramen, Wednesday is cheese quesadillas, Thursday is bagel pizzas and Friday is mac and cheese with sides.  After lunch we do a quick clean up mostly of the living room and school room.  Then depending on the day of the week we go out to play.  Monday and Thursday we get ready for gym, Tuesday we go to work, and every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays we have to rush to gymnastics at 12 so lunch is earlier.

3:00 we do any work that's left over from the day like spelling practice or run errands depending on the day Thursdays we hit the salvage produce place, and Friday' the store for groceries. 

4:00- we start making dinner.  L-bug picks up anything she has out in her room or the playroom.

5:00- dinner

6:00- clean up time, everyone goes from room to room and cleans up anything left out.  We pick up the dinner dishes and fold and put up laundry.  Clothes are laid out for the next day and kids are bathed and pjed.

7:00- Boo goes to bed

8:00-  L-bug and Ro-bear go to bed.

Some things seem to routinely get left out of our days. Like story time.  We've not had story time outside of school in a while :(.  Also leather work has been getting left out lately. 

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