Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're all a little cranky

Sorry to be late again, we had a long weekend. And this will probably be short because I'm exhausted. 

Let's see... things I forgot last week.
 Working on a tote bag and a matching wallet... of course I had to tear out the wallet ummm 3 times and I'm not done yet, but that's okay. 
 L-bug had her final birthday party (yes she was spoiled this year).  We decided to surprise L-bug with a seemingly normal cake that happened to be filled with worms.  This came from a joke from the car ride to the zoo where we had gummy worms for a snack. 
 Ro-bear wanted to put the extra worms all over the pan, but I finally had to wait until she was gone away and then take them off because that messes up the surprise :). 

 Love miss Boo grabbing her favorite Monster High and running with it because L-bug even got to touch her. 
 Here's some pics of our big kids.  Teen nephew and Daddy playing Lincoln log cannon where pieces of Lincoln Log went flying around the room while the guys got their engineering down. 

Boo enjoying Papaw's chili. 

Is it just me, or does the cake look really cool?
Okay so Monday was a nice normal day, we did our Daily Notebook...

 We had all these things on the board to do. I even made the board pretty with lots of colors. We practiced skip counting by 3s counting up/down our school work for the day. 

And we spent some time outside playing on Dada's Horshie as Ro-bear says. 
Tuesday Boo decided to play with Daddy's pool stick.  She carried it around the house and banged it on the floor very seriously.  I eventually had to take it away when she started trying to carry it up on her shoulder like one would march with a gun... she about poked some of us in the face.

 Ro-bear really wanted to help L-bug do L-bug's 'hard work'... yes, we all see how hard L-bug is working right?

 Ro-bear didn't pick up her own 'hard work' so Boo came to play the habitat game for her.

 Ro-bear decided to empty out her button bag and then fly around on Mommy, super Ro away....

 Then she worked hard making penguin lines.  L-bug fussed that Ro-bear wasn't making real patterns, but hey she's two, she had fun.

 Snack time. L-bug made a little creature out of her sesame seeds and cheese stick, while Ro-bear helped herself to more sesame seeds and we see how that worked out for her...

Wednesday was cooking at the neighbor's house day, but first:
 Ro-bear used the new crate as a bed. She took her favorite blanket and her piggy pillow and curled up really cute.

 Then she wandered off and found Daddy's hat and wore it around while playing with her little people.

 Then came cooking and A and A.  L-bug and A took turns.  One got to measure one ingredient and mix then the next.  It worked out really well.

Here's the cookies on the way to the oven. These are Metamorphic rocks... would you believe I did not take a picture after they cooked and literally just ate the last one while I was loading this pics on the blog... hmm well they looked pretty much the same, but well cooked. They tasted yummy too.
Thursday miss Boo decided she was a big girl and could sit or um fly at the school desk.  I love the big cheesy grin on her face.  L-bug was sitting next to me at the desk doing some work.  The pink school desk is for stuff she wants to do alone like copy work or art, and we sit together at the couch or the big desk or the kitchen table or outside for other work...
 So after school I got to go to the produce salvage place with the neighbor... after the store I start dinner.  I start to make a salad and get a call that neighbor's dog caught a baby bunny can I watch the kids while they see what to do with the bunny... well, daddy's home and mine are at the backdoor neighbor's house so I go over.  The bunny ended up being fine and they were told to release it and it would recover faster, but I didn't find that out until the next day... so kids' Grandma comes back home so I went home to finish up dinner. While I was gone our older two came back from C's to have dinner which I'd not quite finished... so I went to finish the salad and couldn't find the tomatoes.  Well then I hear Boo fussing so I turn around and there's Ro-bear jammed in the pots and pans drawer trying to close the door on Boo while they are each eating one of my tomatoes.  They enjoyed them at least.

 And here is the dinner complete with coffee chocolate cake for dessert... which remind me never to give to the kids for dessert again. Yeah, poor planning.
 So then hyped up on coffee from the cake Ro-bear and L-bug fight over who gets to help do the dishes... Ro-bear put the soap in first, then L-bug reput it in and shut the door, Ro-bear screamed, opened the door and reshut it herself.  Then they closed the dishwasher together and each hit one of the two buttons needed to start the thing... kids I wish they always worked so well together.
Friday we went to the library, came home and did art and watched science videos and mostly just took it easy.  We played outside for a while. I love Ro-bear here, I told her not to go into the "bad girl zone" (a tuft of grass on the sidewalk) so she moved the bike and inched up and up and up and stuck her tongue out when I said the zone was still in effect.

Apparently I didn't take any pictures of Saturday.  Saturday was just a nice normal day.  We went to his brother's house for the afternoon and a very lovely dinner then came home for the babies bedtime... to which Boo woke up around 11-11:30 and had a belly ache and I was up with her until 2:30 because she couldn't sleep.  I finally put some little people in bed with her and left. she babbled and played and I fell asleep listening to her in the monitor.
Sunday was yet another field trip.  Last year we went on WAY less than I'd like. This year we're going everywhere it seems like.  I assume it will die down soon.  We have two little trips planned for October, nothing major planned for November and just normal hectic December planned we don't plan further than that :).  Okay I am going to write a separate post of the field trip.  I hope you all had a lovely week and had a lovely September and here's to a wonderful October :)

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