Monday, October 7, 2013

Field Trip- ER?

Sunday after the fall festival we spent the night at Daddy's parents' house because they needed a little weekend break and his papaw needed company.  That night I started a bracelet that sadly I've not touched again, Ro-bear fell asleep a top of cushions and Ro-bear and L-bug were holding hands while sleeping until I got out the camera, then L-bug woke up and this was the picture I got. 

 When we got home Ro-bear was so tired she didn't want to do any hard work, and rested up on the couch.  L-bug was feeling silly and made a marker tower while doing her daily work.  Gym class Monday was walk a min/jog a min on the greenbelt.  L-bug was so worn out, but she had a blast. 

We spent Monday night at their house too, nothing exciting happened, we were all so tired we just kinda ate dinner and passed out.  Tuesday morning we got his Papaw ready for the Adult Day Care and came home to do some school.  We decided to get outside and enjoy the fresh air some. 

 Just as I thought all the roses had bloomed this year we got two late bloomers.  Both beautiful.  In between our subjects we took a break to dig for rocks near the alley.  We found some really pretty sparkly rocks.

 Notice something up with the calendar... oops. September on top, October on the bottom.  I'm not all the ball this week at all.
 Math in a tree.  L-bug later declared that it is not comfortable to do math in a tree.

 Ro-bear's little hand on the Rocking horse. and Boo on the other rocking horse.  This rocking horse my greatgrandpa made and it doesn't stay outside, it just comes in and out if they are fighting over the "daddy's horshie."

 I don't know why, but I like this picture of Ro-bear that Boo took, its cute. The ones Ro-bear took of Boo weren't nearly as flattering this time :).
L-bug drawing a fall tree while listening to a reading.  Tuesday night L-bug did an afterschool spelling practice you'll see more about 'tomorrow.'

Wednesday was gymnastics day and our last day of cooking rocks with the neighbors so it was a busy busy day. 
 Mommy didn't think and let L-bug put up her wet glue 'ransom note' spelling practice on top of the spelling practice sheet... yeah we sat down to look over what spelling we'd do Wednesday after lessons and found it was glued together.  We figured it out though :).
 Ro-bear actually participated in gym... for less than 5 mins, but hey it took 2 months to get that far.  She did a flip (with lots of help even though she does them at home like a little monkey) and then got this look on her face... this look means she's had enough.  Sorry they are fuzzy, I was so excited she was participating I didn't get a good pic. 

 Okay see Boo's tongue today, remember this it will be important.
 Here's the kids cooking sedimentary rocks.  They enjoyed cooking, but didn't actually eat any of the results.  They didn't get cooled before we all had to run about our days. 

 L-bug and A did a great job of looking over the recipe and going okay I'll add this and mix that and you get this and that.  They split it pretty evenly and the only arguing was from boy A who thought that he really should get to help cook. 
 Here it is before it cooked. Its essentially a 7 layer cookie they just didn't put chocolate chips in the recipe... let me say it needs chocolate chips. 
Wednesday after dinner Ro-bear and Boo were fighting over who got to do the dishes... but as soon as I got the camera Boo wandered off.
So Thursday, we got up got going were almost done with school work when Boo starts crying from the school room... I go check on her and there's blood everywhere.  She bit THROUGH her tongue, lengthwise not width wise.  I call up the neighbor to come help me see what to do because at that point I just saw lots of blood and nothing wrong.  By the time neighbor got here (less than 5 mins) I saw it was her tongue.  So we load everyone in the van and head to the ER, well it stopped bleeding so we detoured to the urgent care.  At urgent care we were met by a nurse who acts like we're a bother and wasting her time and says we need to go to ER and she's calling ahead.  She says this will require stitches by a plastic surgeon.  So we drive back to the ER and wait for a little while when we see a Dr. who laughs good naturedly and says it will heal on its own.  It will be a lot better tomorrow just put her on a liquid diet today and go from there.... GRRR so we get stuck with an ER co-pay for nothing.  But Boo should be fine... should... we'll see.
WARNING- these are not for the squimish... ew.

After that I'll share a picture of the dinner I put together from the salvage store.  Roughly 5$ for the whole meal. Can't beat that.  We also got a new 'pet' Thursday.  We ran by our neighbor's house and L-bug found a FAT caterpillar on her door. K said take it before it eats all my plants, so L-bug brought it home and put it in the butterfly house thing we have and gave it some leaves.  I forgot to take its picture Thursday which is a shame.
Friday her tongue looks a little better. I guess maybe.  Ro-bear and Boo spent the morning snuggling on he couch. Ro-bear needed that because she had trouble sleeping Thursday night, she was afraid she'd done something to make Boo hurt. 

 Saturday we played outside most of the day.  Boo and Ro-bear learned how to swing on the swing and by swing I mean like in gymnastics not on the swing.

 So, this is why its a shame I forgot to take a picture of the caterpillar... Friday I tried to get a picture but all I got was bur but he climbed up to the top and just stayed there- I feared he died. but on Saturday morning we found that he'd made a cocoon. I should say she, her name's Isabella.

 Saturday I worked on a messenger, but it came out a little skinnier than I wanted. and I made my apron for Halloween. Any guesses as to what I'm being? Not fair guessing if I already told you either :).  
Please excuse all the toys behind me. The only full length mirror is in the playroom and the girls hadn't picked up yet. 
Sunday has been a nice slow day.  The girls and I headed to church I thought Daddy begged off because he was tired from two late night's of gaming, but instead he was a sweetheart and tidied up the house for me so I could have the afternoon off to blog and make L-bug's tail, fur and skirt of her costume.  Now deciding if I need to make Daddy a hat for Halloween or if he's being something else :) that's up to him I should say now HE needs to decide. 
Have a blessed week all and may your week be less bloody than ours was :).

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