Thursday, November 7, 2013

Field Trip- EnterTRAINment

Saturday we went to EnterTRAINment and visited their Halloween thingy.  Before we got inside they had a hay maze.  All three girls liked running around it. L-bug didn't even seem to mind that she could just look over the maze. 

While we were waiting in line to do the ticket thing L-bug saw this cut out and wanted her picture.  Its pretty cute.
Ro-bear just saw her first train here.  It went over a bridge up high.  I love the look on her face "oh wow" kind of look. 
We decided to do lunch before we got into the trains since it was getting late. 
Boo liked being lifted up to the top of the glass, she thought that maybe she could climb over the glass and go play with the trains.
L-bug really liked that there were buttons you could hit to make noises, or make things move around.

All the girls looking at the trains.

This was the first exhibit L-bug wanted to read the information on.  She couldn't figure out why the little guys were throwing ice into train cars :).

This is the Halloween part of the train place. Boo was all about getting into the 'maze' thing and kept making sure I was coming.

Boo has no fear, she marched right up the little 'ghosts' and poked them in the eyes. 

She got the point of trick or treating quickly you see a bowl daddy gives you candy.
Daddy pretended to get stuck in the 'cobwebs' and Ro-bear helped him out. 

There was a little place for the kids to pick little pumpkins, color pictures, play with stickers and get air brushed tattoos.  They had fun.

Hmm sissy I don't like my sucker, trade?  No, its mine.





 Ro-bear and L-bug letting out some energies spinning in circles.

 There was a little exhibit of circus/funhouse related stuff. 

 Magic wall.  Press you hand down then see your handprint.

Daddy tries it too.

 Ro-bear wasn't too sure about the black light.


 This room was tilted at a 25 degree angle. It was really  hard to walk around, but really fun.

 They had a little place set up to play.  Ro-bear and Boo had a blast in the little kid section while Daddy watched L-bug over in the big kid play thing.

 Optical illusion.



Boo testing out the tilted room


 Boo kinda thought that she could just scoot her butt up the room, like she'd scoot down stairs.
 After going through the carnival twice we left.  Everyone had a blast. 








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