Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When did I blink?

This morning all three girls woke up just chattering away to each other.  I came downstairs late because my phone had died and never alarmed for me... Boo was bouncing away in her crib, L-bug was wondering aloud if she could get out of bed yet, and Ro-bear was practicing climbing along the edge of the bunk bed.

I had to blink a few times, when did my little Ro-bear become so long and lanky?  When had her cute little baby fat cheeks become lean toddler cheeks?  When had her chubby chunky little legs just learning how to walk become so long so lean?  She went from being a short little baby to a long legged little girl.  She's still just a baby, but she's changed so much in the blink of an eye. 

Then I look at Boo the little bitty baby who's already learning to run, walks well, and is learning to climb up and down the stairs.  In no time she went from helpless baby to confident toddler... when I blink again she'll be Ro-bear's age climbing on the bunk bed with her long horsey legs (well she's short so we'll see...)...

The L-bug... just turned 7 turning into a little lady.  I look at picture of her as a baby, she asks if she looked like Boo when she was little, so we pull out the pictures.  Memories flood back I'd not thought of since we looked at pictures last. 7 years flew by and yet while we were living them it seemed an eternity. 

Here's to another eternity and all the adventures it brings in the blink of an eye...


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