Tuesday, September 10, 2013

L-bug turns 7

This was another full week at the Blue Rabbit Academy.  And I forgot to take pictures of the plants this week.  So I'll start with a very brief plant update.  We now have no Dot plant, it jumped off the shelf and when it got replanted it just couldn't take the shock and died.  We finally gave up on L-bug's cactus sprouting, so I bought her a new cactus at Walgreens... we got home and her cactus had sprouted. Then our neighbor down the street had given her a plant so L-bug has three plants, Ro-bear none and Boo's sunflowers love their new pot and they are going really well.  I think we'll get Ro-bear a new dot plant.

So, Monday morning we had waffles with strawberries warmed up and put on top... Boo loved them. Everyone else was like yeah its okay, but look at that little face, Boo absolutely loved that breakfast.

 L-bug doing her Daily Notebook for the beginning of the month.  Each month she's going to write her name in cursive and see how it improves through the school year. 


 We checked a book out at the library about recycling- Recycle Every Day by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. In the back of the book is a game board.  After reading the directions backwards the first time we finally realized that made no sense, re-read it and played it again. The second time made more sense and was a fun little game. 
 Mommy didn't think our meals through very well for this week. We had waffles for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.  Ro-bear helped make pancakes... yeah helped. 

She was showing me the flour went in here...
On Tuesday L-bug got to pull out her leather work kit for handicrafts. 

 Boo thinks the mallet is hilarious.  She swung it around for a while. 
 Poor Ro-bear wasn't feeling well, so the other girls watched the video on leather working, started a zipper pull, and while it was sucking up the water, they went back to the desk to pretend to work.

 L-bug concentrating hard on where to put her stamp. 

 She didn't really like the staining part, so I ended up going over it again for her.  My fingers were all brown for work, yay.  She complained that this project was too easy.  Silly goose. I told her she had to start somewhere.
 Here is L-bug with her final project. 
 Ro-bear got into L-bug drawers and helped herself to a pair of undies... obviously we wear them on out head.  At least she took turns with Boo...
Boo thought she ought to be able to take pictures too, she tried really hard to get the camera from Mommy.
Wednesday I was so busy doing school, gymnastics and packing for our trip that I forgot to take any pictures.  Miss Ro-bear still won't do her gymnastics class. L-bug had a blast in her class, she even got put with the big kids for some reason.  The class is 6 and up, but if there are a lot of 6 and up they divide them into two groups, roughly 6-9 and 10-12 or whatever, L-bug got in the bigger class.  Its not like they do different things, but she was all proud to be with the big kids. 
Thursday L-bug got to work on a key fob for her handicraft.  We still haven't put the hardware on it yet, but here's the process. 

 Ro-bear thought it was too loud, she totally didn't like the mallet. 

 Today was also the first day of homeschool PE class.  L-bug got to see most all her old friends from last year and some new kids joined this year.  She is totally not a team sport type person, but she likes trying.  That's all that matters in the end.
Thursday after PE class we all loaded up in the car and headed to a friend's house for the night on the way up to Grandma's.  We had a pleasant car ride and a nice visit with our friend.
Which brings us to Friday, L-bug's 7th birthday.  We went up to Cinci to go to the zoo for her birthday with Grandma and Grandpa.  We ended up going on Saturday which worked out nicely after all the traveling the girls needed Friday to rest up.  Not that we rested much, we had lunch with Grandma B and Grandpa then rested until dinner when we went out with my mom Grandma and Grandpa at a Chinese Buffet because that's what L-bug wanted.  On the way to dinner L-bug says, you know its funny, its my birthday and I didn't get a present.  Little did she know we had a cake coming to dinner with us and there were presents in the car for her for after dinner.  She didn't say it in a bratty way or anything it was pretty cute. 
 Daddy said we should shove her face in the cake, I just pretended though.

 Ro-bear started eating her cake with her face, so then of course L-bug had to as well. 


Boo found eating to be too serious a business to fool around, she enjoyed her cake in her own way.
Then Miss L-bug was surprised by gifts.








 No one can say L-bug isn't spoiled.  She got the outfit she's wearing from her Mamaw, a dream light and pillow pet from Grandma, and some Littlest Pet Shop and movies from my Mamaw... then later she got a surprise from Mom and Dad...

 Brand new Monster High PJs and the next morning was her last surprise of a new Monster High outfit to wear to the zoo.
Since the zoo was an adventure unto itself I will post on it later.  I hope you all enjoyed your week as much as we did!

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