Monday, September 16, 2013

Field Trip-- zoo

L-bug has been asking to go to the zoo for months.  She wanted to go and see the Komodo Dragon and the white tigers.  Ro-bear wanted to see the elephants, Ro-bear is obsessed with elephants... I saw a saying that fit Ro exactly: 'if it isn't related to elephants it's irrelephant.' I'm going to embroider that saying onto Ro-bear's special quilt once I take the time to get back to the girls' quilts.  L-bug's is so close to being done sigh--- but I digress... the zoo.

 L-bug was rather upset that she would not fit in the stroller.
 Ro-bear was very happy that the elephants were first.

Boo disliked the stroller.  I love the look she's giving it, like gee glad to be out of you.
At one point in the day Ro-bear got up out of the stroller and left Boo unbuckled (one buckle for both girls) and Daddy said Ro-bear you can't leave sissy like that (implying get back in) Ro-bear climbed back in and buckled Boo up, 'there sissy' and climbs right back out...
 L-bug was fascinated by the bamboo,  She really wanted to break off a piece and take it home. Of course I had to say no to that, but it was still cute.
 We found out that Boo likes giraffes.  Boo even got a giraffe stuffie at the end of the trip and has not stopped playing with him to this day two weeks later (obviously not non stop playing).  He's even a super giraffe who can fly and has an engine... dunno ask Boo but he totally flies around while she make vroom noises... whatever floats your boat kid.
 They had some bat eared foxes out to do their foraging and stretch their legs.  L-bug did a good job of asking the zoo keepers all sorts of questions about the foxes. I was happy she didn't ask to pet it, however.

We did get to pet a hedgehog.  Ro-bear said no thank you, but L-bug and I petted it.  It was surprisingly soft and very cute.
 Now, this is the life.  I could totally be a cat.  Or lion or whatever.   We did find it odd that the lions were right next to the giraffes, the giraffes seemed to know the lions were near, well the male one did at least. 

 A sea-gull baby was out stretching her legs too.  She was so cute.  This was the point of the zoo trip I got to make a fool of myself (in a good way, or endearing way or something)... everyone's looking at the cute little sea-gull and I see something move over in the bushes and there's a chipmunk which I very excitedly tell Daddy... who lovingly mocks me.  We're at the ZOO and you're all excited over a chipmunk?  Well, usually he finds the chipmunks, so yeah it was exciting.
 Ro-bear didn't care about the sea-gull so here's the Ro-bear in its natural habitat... special exhibit one day only.
 Boo was totally ready to pet the sea-gull, luckily between mom, dad, grandma and grandpa we had enough eyes on her.
So now on to one of the two animals L-bug wanted to go to the zoo to see....
 their bottoms... the tigers were asleep and didn't want to get up even though a little girl drove (rode) 6 hours to see them :). 
 She did, however, find the memorial for the passenger pigeon.  They are her favorite birds (she decided back when she went through a Audubon phased, she loved him to death until she found out he disliked math as a child and killed birds to study them.... she got over that obsession fast)
 At least the Komodo was up. And at least she knew he'd be pretty lazy... that's kind of what Komodo do...and I must say I'm thankful not to have to see one kill anything.  I have to imagine the zoo feeds them predead things and being lazy he is probably happy to have predead food...
So we walked about the zoo all day, I didn't get as many pictures as I'd like because of chasing down Ro-bear and Boo who both hated the stroller, but we had a blast and learned a lot of things about different animals.  All in all it was a very successful trip.
To leave you on a hilarious note that happened after the trip.  My mom had to run an errand before dinner, so we took the girls to the play place in the mall.

 Ro-bear loved the pretend bird bath, and thought she should be able to get naked and take a bath in it...

We convinced her to stop at diaper and shirt left on... but that's not the funny part.
Boo got a little upset tummy. Ro-bear came over to see why Boo wasn't playing and looks at Boo's pants and yells UH OH MOM SISSY POOOP. It was everywhere. Of course I'd left the diaper bag in the car.  So Daddy goes to get the diaper bag on the other side of the mall.  Boo had a napkin with her and was trying to wipe up the oopsie that was all over the vinyl bench she's sitting on at the time.  Finally Daddy gets back with the bag... so I take Boo and run to the bathroom.  No wipes in the bag, we'd taken them out at the zoo and they were loose in the car... No problem paper towels right? Wrong, only a hand dryer.  So I strip Boo down wash her in the sink and hold her under the hand dryer.  She's flipping out (can't blaim her).  So then I get her dressed in her spare outfit and go out to tell Daddy the news that he gets to walk back to the car again... only to find that he'd gone to the men's room to get towels and already knew about  the situation and went to get the wipes while grandpa watched Ro-bear and L-bug.  All in all everything got cleaned and everyone survived.... but man what a day.

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