Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy September

This week was a little quiet all in all.  Monday we went on a field trip to a leather smith/ black smith, which I will post a separate post with lots of pictures later. 

The much awaited for question... the box, did it survive? Where is it now?  Well, the box is still going (strong might be pushing it...) we remember last week the box looked like this...
 it has nice crisp edges and three little girls inside.  Today the box looks more like this...

well loved, worn in, and frumpy.  Its also full of stuffed animals at this point.  They jump in and roll around in there.  The box has also been a ski slope, but I failed to get pictures.  Ro-bear and Boo would climb up the side (with the box down on its side) and slide down.
Tuesday was an interesting day unto itself.  Daddy got a nail in his tire Monday evening and tried to get a new tire, but the place needed to order a new one which would be in Tuesday we switched cars and the girls and I took his car in after lunch and on our way to work to get it changed... little did we realize there was a back up and it would be over an hour before they could even think about changing the tire... Okay, so we call the FIL to pick us up. He says he'll be there in a min, then calls right back, he'd forgotten the MIL had the car... So we call her no answer. Silly me forgets the friend down the street and the SIL who works like directly across the street from the tire place. Either of whom would have picked us up if possible... So L-bug asks if she can stand in the garage and watch while I'm trying to call MIL... sure just don't get in the way.  One sweet mechanic took her under wing and let her help him on a car. Of course by help I mean get really dirty and push the lift button to lower the car back down for him.  He did, however, make her stand all the way across the garage when he checked the battery and another mechanic came and escorted her out of the garage because he was afraid she'd get hurt. So now we were all together again and we decided to walk to work.  It wouldn't be a bad walk without the babies, but carrying Boo across town was totally not fun.  Then later that afternoon I walked back for the car while FIL watched the babies.  That time the walk was really easy and it was nice to get away from the bits because they were each being clingy and whiny that day lol.  All in all it was a very interesting day. Next time something like that happens though I'll remember to dig through all my contacts and save myself whiney babies :).
Wednesday Ro-bear had turned herself into a marker during school, she didn't feel like doing any of her little activities, so she sat and colored on herself...  and somehow I didn't notice until she was already all colored. Oh and I didn't get any pictures of her new activity this week. An old container with a lid, I poked some holes in the lid and she squished pom poms down the holes.  She played with it a lot Monday and Tuesday, but lost interest by Wednesday. 
We decided to go to the park after school, where Boo learned how to climb all over the playground, and after L-bug showed her the way to get in the slide a  few times she got it down. 

 A caterpillar was crawling all over my pants, so we watched it for a little bit, took its picture and then transplanted it to the grass outside the playground.

Thursday we finished up our school work and went outside to do L-bug's spelling that's usually for afterschool Tuesday or Wednesday, but we forgot it all week and it came down to do it now or never.

After L-bug finished her spelling words in chalk we all ran inside because the mosquitos were crazy bad, like clouds of mosquitoes descending upon us... of course Ro-bear said "oh bugs sooo cute"... I have to disagree with her on that one.
How can you tell when Ro-bear and Boo are thirsty? Unlike most people who would come and ask for a drink the dynamic duo goes and takes every cup out of the china cabinet...
That evening L-bug made dinner almost on her own, I ran the hot pans, but she chopped everything that went in... much to Ro-bear's dismay.  We told Ro-bear she's not quite old enough for a knife- she didn't appreciate that idea so she pretended to slice the onion with her bare hand.

Friday I was totally unmotivated to do anything. I think I caught the cold the girls had.  Which is totally unfair, because on the girls the cold went runny nose runny nose, a little clingy... my cold went, ug no energy, my head hurts, I think I might be dying, cough cough, do I have a fever... and of course Daddy had to work and also had the cold so there's no one around to baby me... But we got through the school day, it was a day of failures but we got through.  The only not failure was L-bug's spelling. She got her words 100% correct, so rewriting any three times or anything. She said she was just lucky, but I think all the extra activities helped. 
Every thing else we did up until lunch just seemed to go wrong, like these paper dolls that we couldn't figure out how to cut them out to make them work, then Boo spilled a few drops of smoothie on them so it didn't matter anyway.
So after lunch everyone felt a little better, but still cranky and we headed over to the neighbor's house for sewing.  L-bug helped them pick up a few toys and things they'd had out earlier with no complaint (but you should have heard her whine and fuss when we got home and I told her to pick up- why is that? Why will kids help other people pick up, but not help their mom? Especially when its the kids' mess not the mom's?!? okay rant's over)  The girls got the toy of their bookmarks done and started in on the blanket stitch around the side.  I'll need to think of a new project to start when we meet up again.

See how whiney L-bug is, this was her, "I don't wanna thread my own needle" face.
This brings us to the plant update portion of our blog.  Here's the sunflower plant at the beginning of the week.

 The polka dot plant at the beginning of the week. And... we gave up on the cactus, no sprouts. Our neighbor gave L-bug a clipping from a plant she has (I forgot to ask what it was though) It sprouted some roots, so today we got new pots for the clipping and the sunflower plants.

And here are the plants in their new homes.  I hope they are happy there.  Now I need to look into my window box for the kitchen and look into canning. I've wasted enough time not researching canning so if I'm going to do it I need to DO IT.
On the crafting front, I worked on a pillow a little bit, and cut out some felt to make paper clip bookmarks... then L-bear asked to help with them and did about 1/4 of one and gave up and yeah nothing else got done.  I need to carve out crafting time! I don't think I've touched yarn in three months and I've probably not touched L-bug's quilt in the same amount of time. 
Okay, update, as I finished up this blog post L-bug just split through the entire side of the box... the box is now dead.  Let us all hang out heads in a moment of silence for the dishwasher box that provided enough entertainment for the kids I'd be tempted to say we bought an expensive box and got a dishwasher for free...
R.I.P box August 21- September 1


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