Monday, September 16, 2013

Runnin' on the hamster wheel

Shew, nothing quite like starting a week right after a long trip. I must admit I was less than enthusiastic the first half of this week and my lack of pictures should prove it.  First I forgot to even lay Ro-bear out any activities.  By Friday she was crying because she would look in her drawers and there was no 'hard work' as she calls it.  I picked a thing or two right off the shelf for her, but nothing was planned.

Monday and Tuesday are such a blur I'll just spare you and say we did some school work, went to PE class went to work and survived :) they weren't bad days in anyway just hazy tired kind of days.

Wednesday L-bug decided she didn't want to draw while listening to her readings like she usually does, so she built a building instead.  Though when the building collapsed it was a little more distracting than drawing a picture. 
Wednesday is our sewing group with our neighbor down the street.  This week I set them to making potpourri satchels.  Each girl managed to make two in the time it took me to make one... but that's because they don't believe in threading their own needles.  Of course I can't blame them, I only thread my own needles because I have to. 

Thursday after our normal sit down work both girls asked to play on the computer.  Ro-bear wanted 'titits' on and L-bug was practicing her spelling on spelling city (which I might have to get a subscription to instead of just using their free things, she seemed to like it).

 Ro-bear decided in the middle of the day to drag out the changing pad from her room and most of her bed into the living room and lay down.  Boo followed shortly after to 'read' the Spanish book that's on Ro-bear.  I didn't get a good picture, but it was adorable. It looked like Boo was reading Ro-bear a bedtime story. 

So Thursday after PE class I got to go to the salvage produce place with our neighbor.  The babies were SO excited to have fresh grapes and tomatoes that they had daddy wash some up while I cooked dinner.  Since I was cooking dinner I didn't get any pictures of the little ones devouring food... but here's the aftermath. and yes that pie was for dessert. 

 And Ro-bear declared the pie to be gross, so for some strange reason that meant she should smear it all over herself?!?  This is the child who freaked out while eating a doughnut because it got her hands dirty.
 After bath and PJ time came jump all over Daddy time... that's a real time of day right?

Friday morning started with cute sissy snuggles while they waited for L-bug to get up.  They jumped on the couch with the glow worm and tucked themselves in.  Boo learned how to make the Glo-worm play music and was so very proud of herself.  

 In history on Friday we made paper plate snakes because we had read Sinbad and the valley of the snakes this week.  Even Ro-bear made a snake. 

 and why yes that is a jar of peaches on the floor... why do you ask?  Boo found it in the pantry and carried it around all day with her.

 I love Boo reaching up from her horsie trying to touch the snakes.  The girls love having them in their room, even though mommy get tangled up in the trying to put small children to bed at night. 

Here is our Draw, Write, Now lesson for the week.  I'm not terribly happy with art this year.  L-bug likes it well enough, but she liked last year, we used Drawing with Children and we loved it, but by the end of the year I was lazy and we just drew a lot of still life of whatever we found around the house.  Good drawing practice, but we didn't really go anywhere. and then we did nothing all summer. 
After school L-bug's cousins came over to play for a while.  They had a blast.  It is funny though, I had more of a break with 5 kids in the house than I ever do with 3, and the mess was not that much more. 
Friday night Daddy and L-bug went to his brother's house to visit after bringing her cousins home, so Ro-bear and I started the cake for L-bug party with her friends on Saturday. 

 We decided to do a white tiger swirl cake. 
Here's some photos of the 5 hour process to make a tiger cake, which if I ever do again will look even better since I wasn't totally happy with this one... PS most of the 5 hours was baking and freezing in between not actual work. 

Next time he'll have the little triangle tufts of fur on his cheeks and the mouth will be iced better (I didn't cool it enough before icing it and it crumbled a little). Over all not bad for my first try at a tiger I think...
So Saturday day of the party... Here's our lunch just because it took a nice picture...
 Boo and Ro-bear had Cheese sandwiches with pineapple, grapes and tomato.
L-bug had left over spaghetti with pineapple and grapes.
 My not pinterest worthy decorations... :(

 We had her party at the park near our house. After a lot of cancelling and uncanceling everyone was able to make it to her party (I think that's a first, but even if it isn't I'm so happy all her friends got to come).
I love this picture, Ro-bear is introducing her sissy to the baby. I didn't hear her, but looking at the picture I can just imagine her going "Ro-ro's sissy Boo, SOOO CUTE."

 So, on top of lousy decorations I forgot to buy a 7 candle.  L-bug, at least, thought the idea of a 5 and 2 1s was pretty awesome, so happy 511th birthday to you baby girl. 

When I was taking a pic of my friend and her baby I didn't notice Boo was waving at the little boy.  They seemed to like each other. They waved, held their hands towards each other then went about their business like any other little babies would.  I'll take a note from Ro-bear here and says babies are SOOO CUTE. 
We had a great time at the party though, it was a wonderful end of a good, but tiring week. After the party two friends came home with us for a while.  Its funny I should know by now that visiting kids means no kids want to eat dinner.  But I made extra French fries to feed extra kids... and ended up having a ton extra because everyone was excited to eat.  Oh well, I'll keep making that mistake because I'd hate for one day extra kids are hungry and there's nothing to eat.  Also, amazing as it is, I had more time to myself with two extra kids.  Extra kids in the house keeps mine busy.  I still can't get over extra kids not adding extra mess though!! Its wonderful and amazing, we should borrow extra kids more often.
 Sunday was spent recuperating.  Naps all around and good old fashioned sit on your butt and do nothing.  It was so nice and so needed.  We started this week off fresh and rested.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and come back to visit us at the Blue Rabbit Academy again next week. 

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