Monday, August 5, 2013

We survived our first week of school

What a busy week it was.

One thing L-bug asked me to put on here is a picture of their 'categories:' this is a section of wall in the school room where the girls get to tape of art work that they're proud of or whatever they want to put up.
L-bug's work is on the right, Ro-bear's on the left and Boo just eats art work.

 I will have to start a rule that says they take DOWN some of their art work before they put more up. My wall is under there somewhere.  I'd also like to try a word wall and that would be the most useful wall.  L-bug is a very reluctant reader, and I keep trying to think of things to do to help her.  A friend sent me a link to a word wall idea for putting up sight words.

Another site in our school room is the nature basket.  Right now the basket holds, a giant pine cone, a piece of tree, a shell, a cardinal's nest and three stuffed birds.


This year I'm trying something a little different with school work.  We have a daily notebook, a weekly notebook, and a notebook to keep important papers for each subject after they are in the weekly notebook. This helps L-bug see exactly what sheets, activities and whatnots we'll have this week. Now, of course we have a lot of readings so those are not shown in the notebook, but so far so good.

Ro-bear isn't too sure about doing tot activities. Last week I asked her if she liked playing with the dry erase marker and she says I don't know, I didn't try.  Today she worked well until Boo decided to help.  Ro-bear sorted buttons into color bowls and Boo took the bowls and ran away with them.

These are Ro-bear's activities for this week.

 Wednesday we had a fun day that included a hot cocoa break in the middle of lessons. Or HOT dodo as Ro-bear says.  Every school needs to include some cocoa from time to time. L-bug did school in her pjs that day too.

After cocoa time came some craft time, craft time with the help of a kitty. All crafts need kitties right?
And by crafts I mean gluing popsicle sticks together to make a person. I didn't get a picture of the finished person.

Thursday was fairly uneventful, except for one amusing story.  Ro-bear had a little activity out to work on... Boo was jealous. I pulled out some hand puppets for Boo to play with while everyone worked, but Boo didn't want to play alone, so she shared.  She brought Ro-bear a hand puppet and Ro-bear gave her a huge hug.  Very adorable.  Sorry the one picture is blurry, I rushed trying to get a picture before they stopped. 





Friday was a very eventful day.  We got up and dressed and left the house at 8:30 for a walk with a neighbor, but we'd missed the email that the neighbor's littlest wasn't feeling well and they cancelled.  No biggy, we take a walk up and down the block on our own, go in and do our sit down work. Our sit down work included art, history projects, and making sugar cookie dough for a history craft...
Get an email that says we can take the girl for a walk with us at noon, so we get our work done, get the cookie dough chilled and wait for Boo to wake up. Boo got up at 12 so out we headed... and the girl wasn't ready. Half an hour later we're finally taking a walk with two extra kids and we go to the park, then came home and made the sugar cookie pillars for history. The downside? All the pillars fell over and poofed up and in no way looked like crumbling Roman buildings. The upside? They still tasted really good.  We went to an early dinner at the same neighbor's house, where our clumsy daughter (L-bug) fell and tore her toe and knee.  Not really bad, but it sure stung her and hurt her feelings a lot.


That was the end of the good days, Saturday and Sunday were filled with whiney, fighting children who didn't want to listen, obey or help out.  Thank Goodness they all got over that and they're back to their normal rambunctious selves for the week to begin this week.  I don't think I could have handled school work on top of whiney little rugrats.

On the craft side of life. I finished Ro-bear's bag, and L-bug's bag and my mom's bday present.  Which I won't put a picture on until she has her present, seems fair to me at least.  Wednesday while cooking lunch, who'd believe it, but a sewing machine needle fell out from the shelf above the stove and went bouncing across the stove.  We were going to the store anyway, so I would have had new needles, but yes I had a needle fall from Heaven in time to work on L-bug's bag.

L-bug's crafting is not coming along as well.  She has a few rows of her knitting done, she's starting to get the hang of it, but she hates not being 'good at it' which if she'd practice she'd get there... She did sew up a stuffie who had a huge hole in his side.  She did a nice job on it and did everything but tying the knot in the end and cutting the thread. 

I drew out a pattern and started working on a set of pillows for a friend for Christmas. More to come on it later.

 And just to make everyone jealous of my clumsy abilities,
a picture of our delicious dinner on Wednesday complete with rice ALL over the oven. Not sure why I can't get all the rice IN the pot.  And a picture of what the dynamic duo was doing while I was cooking this dinner. 

L-bug's funny saying of today: Me: Where will the polar bears live when the ice has all melted? L-bug: Heaven!

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  1. Both bags look great but I must admit I'm partial to the rainbow!