Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The 2013-2014 school year has begun at the Blue Rabbit Academy.  I'm hoping to use this blog to show some of the stuff we do throughout the year, both in school and out. Be prepared to read some of the funny things these kids say. I know all kids say funny stuff, but I'm biased.

This year L-bug is in the 2nd grade and Ro-bear is doing a very informal tot school with Boo joining in anything she can (read Boo is going to get into EVERYTHING). 

Today was our second day of school having started last Friday and taking yesterday off to go to a party at the Splash Pad and have some fun.  L-bug came down with a bug yesterday afternoon and all day today, but she wanted to do her sit down work (I'm so proud).  She seems to be feeling loads better so here's to hoping the other two don't catch anything.

Ro-bear working on color sorting

L-bug working on her math
 Boo was asleep during most of schoolwork today, but wanted her picture taken too when she saw we'd been taking pictures.

As far as crafting goes I've been working on library bags.  L-bug just got her very own library card.  I decided she needed a library bag of her own to keep her card and books safe.. of course this means Ro-bear wants one too.  I started with the pattern found here Library Book Bag with Card Holder. I'm having to alter the pattern a little for Ro-bear because she wanted a cotton fabric and the body of the bag needs to be a bit sturdier, so I made a duck cloth liner for a cotton bag, so far so good.
 This is Ro-bear's bag (with Ro-bear's feet). I still have the handle and library card pocket to go... and to fix my corners, I didn't do as nice a job as I'd have liked on those.

This is L-bug's bag... umm yeah. I need to buy a new needle for the sewing machine then I hope to knock out her bag in an afternoon.  Hers is blue duck cloth with red gingham print for the pocket lining. She will have a rainbow applique of her pocket. Ro-bear didn't get an applique because her paisley was so busy. I must admit though, the green dots and busy paisley went together so much better than I feared.

And to send you on your merry way, one of those funny things my kids say.  Yesterday Ro-bear was bouncing off the walls more than normal so I said "R. What's gotten into you today?" She says "a hot dog and SOUP."  This is one very literal toddler, but the grin on her face when she told me that was precious.
Hope you enjoyed a brief look into our day and I hope to bring you more soon- I will try to update on what we're planning on for school this year later.

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