Monday, August 12, 2013

Rainy Rainy Week

On Monday  we had a tea party after the bulk of our sit down work.  I read to the girls about climate change while they enjoyed cups of water.  I made L-bug a little tea pot of Raspberry Zinger, but she didn't like it.  First it was too hot, so she wanted creamer, then it was too yucky and she ended up dumping it out and filling the tea pot with water.  The girls had fun however and they even dressed up pretty for their tea party (yes, Ro-bear IS wearing a dress over her pjs). 

L-bug posing for pics

Posing is a good way to take a break from math

so lady like.

 Added the cream and now blowing at it and giving it a very wary look.
Monday evening Ro-bear decided she needed to try on her new fall shirt.  She's addicted to dots and her favorite color is green so she about died when she saw this at Wal-Mart. 

When taking a pic with me she kept yelling Cheese-ball. Ro-bear has the biggest smile and I often say she's cheese-balling when she grins that wide.
Tuesday was a nice normal busy day.  Ro-bear and Boo tried out Ro-bear's activities.  Ro-bear loves the idea of lacing, but she doesn't want to sew in a straight line.  I figure its still working on eye hand skills right? Also, she's just two and a half so eventually she'll want to do it what I think the right way is... anyway she's just being creative :). 
 This activity she was supposed to take the stickers and put them on circles I drew out that made the letter A and a.  Instead she put the stickers on herself and sissy and took a big princess sticker out of the art supplies and slapped it in the middle of the A and said it was 'all done.'  Goes to show just because I think an activity looks cool does NOT mean Ro-bear and Boo will.

On Tuesdays we (try) to go into work at the bookstore with Papaw.  L-bug set this corner up to do her school work she had left for the day.  She had to write a sentence, practice her spelling and knit.  Instead they posed for pics and watched tv... well she did get everything done (except knitting) by the time we left at 5.  Poor dear pulled out her knitting and Boo wanted to help and pulled the whole scarf off the needle.  I think I got all her work back on, but she was discouraged at that point and never picked it back up.  This is also the day that she became obsessed with Beowulf (which we read nice little condensed version in the Story of the World Vol 2.  L-bug is anti death, anti-blood and anti-violence so it threw me for a loop that she took to this story.  Keep this in mind though, it comes in again later in the week.
On to Wednesday.  Wednesday contained MORE COCOA. Seriously it really IS summer here, I'm not sure what's up with the cocoa obsession.  It is to the point that if Boo sees a cup on the coffee table with a straw sticking out of it she runs up and drinks it expecting cocoa.  The activity Ro-bear chose today was C-A-T in magnets and chipboard letters.  She likes running her finger on the chipboard, but then Boo tried to eat the letter C and it dissolved a little bit.

L-bug has been working on linking verbs in English (First Language Lessons vol 2)  and today had an activity with the lesson.  We made some fun sentences.  They mostly used the word good with everything, but they tried. 

Wednesday was also the first day of homeschool gymnastics, hence the leotard on L-bug.  Its every other week and she is so very excited to take gymnastics again.  Ro-bear thought about joining in the baby class, but changed her mind and watched the kids from a very far distance instead.   We usually do our weekly grocery shopping on Wednesday, so after shopping this week it was raining (again it was raining like all week) but the girls wanted to take a walk. We'd had a walk scheduled to take and I pushed it back, and then her nature study book said to gather leaves and do things with them... so they fussed until I agreed to take them on a rain walk.  We went all around the neighborhood in the pouring rain (well we left Boo with Dad at home) and Ro-bear had to stop at every storm drain to check out the water and L-bug picked leaves for her nature study (more on that later too).  We ended up being gone so long that dinner was almost an hour late, which put clean up time to almost non existent before bed and lead to stress later, but it was a very fun walk.
This brings us up to Thursday.  We worked on the nature study activities from Wednesday since the leaves needed time to dry.  Ro-bear wanted to work on this too, so she took some of L-bear's extra leaves and made a design with them. 

 Thursday was also the first time my honey (aka Dad) made salsa verde.  Thanks to his salsa verde I got to bring L-bug to her doggy reading at the library and actually got to read a book for myself for a whole 20 mins, before the kids were in bed!!! I had forgotten what that was like. 
So you might can tell in this picture that Miss L-bug's nose is a little redder than normal... or maybe you can't, but I noticed a little rash on her and feared that she got into poison ivy yesterday during that walk. I was right.  But first this picture-  I was washing the dishes when Dad finishes off a 2 liter of pop (which we hardly ever have so I looked at the bottle closely thinking of what I could use it for). I then remembered that I'd planned for L-bug to make a diorama for a climate for science on Friday and we're out of shoe boxes.  So I wash out the pop bottle thinking we could cut off the top and make a diorama inside it.... L-bug asks what I'm doing and I explain.  She looks at me and says, "Mom, in the other school, projects are DUE on Friday, not started on Friday.  I'm going to work on it tonight and turn it in tomorrow."  Well I knew she was planning on watching the TMNT movie on so I didn't figure she'd get it done Thursday night, but yeah whatever if she wants to work on it good for her. 

 So, I finish up the dishes and look over at what she's getting into... she totally misunderstood MY idea, but man her idea was so much cooler.  She took some construction paper to make a desert environment and used the pop bottle to make the palm tree in the oasis, color penciled an oasis and then sat down to watch the Turtles movie and didn't touch it again... oh no I forgot her cactus, but you get the point.
 She asks me very nicely on her way to bed if I'll make a tumbleweed and tape it to an empty tape roll she saved.  So I did that and left her project out of the table... where she went to it first thing in the morning. 
 Storm cat also decided she should have some say on what this desert environment should look like.
 Well, she decided to add Littlest Pet shop cats and lizards to her environemtn because she couldn't find a camel and did not like the idea of cutting a camel out of construction paper.  Well, her face today looked terrible, so I called up the dr and made an appointment as early as I could... which was at 2:20.

 L-bug worked on her schoolwork like a trooper even though her face was killing her.  She made a Celtic broach and ax and ran around the house for a while being a Celtic princess.  We've been reading out of Favorite Medieval Tales this week and we read Beowulf yesterday and read the Song of Roland at the Doctor's office. Where Ro-bear always has to be a little bit out of line... she wanted her green chair to be away from the other chairs.

 While Ro-bear, Boo and I are sitting on the bench taking cheesy pictures, L-bug is hiding behind the table because she's afraid of the shot she's going to get to stop the spread of the poison Ivy.
So it gets to be Friday night and I put L-bug to bed... ten minutes later she starts going 'Mom, I heard Grendel in the house. He's here!'  No honey, he's dead remember?  'no, I heard him'  Beowulf killed him, and besides he lived in the old world, he'd have to have swam a long way to get here. "oh okay" and she goes back to bed.  Gotta love kids.

The weekend was lovely with lots of time with cousins and crafting and just plain relaxing.  Much needed break....

In the crafting department.  I'm working on the pillows for Christmas and made a green bag (see my tutorial page if you want to make one like it) as a hostess present for this coming week. 

Hope you have a lovely week, we're in for a very eventful week coming up.  

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