Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watching them learn- Watching them grow

Ro-bear counted today! For those of you who do not know Ro-bear this is a huge thing.  Ro-bear regressed in her speech as in at 12 months old Ro-bear was speaking in complete sentence such as "I go too." or "Oh look a meow meow" then around 18 months she stopped, she seemed to not be able to say any of the words she knew and slowly started adding words, but 'dog' became 'arf' but she didn't reach whole sentences again until after two when she started things such as "ro-ro a wanta ojuice" she adds A in random words, who knows.  But today she counted and spoke clearly.  We went to walmart and Ro-bear said "mom, four birds" followed shortly after by "mom look two hellophones" then at dinner she came up and says "mama I help you a lots"... I don't know how it happened, but it happened.  Ro-bear went from a closed up little girl to a confident little toddler.

Well, she's still painfully shy, but she will either just be shy or that too will pass.  Yesterday she would not go to gym class because there were other children there she didn't want to be near or touch them.  When one mom asked if Ro-bear wanted to do class in two weeks Ro-bear leaned in close to me and said "Rathzer nama teese sandmich" (I'd rather eat a cheese sandwich), but she's becoming more comfortable with the world.

Yesterday she came to help me with dinner, but the grease was too hot, so she busily started working on scooping oranges with a ladle... and the ladle broke. It never was a very good ladle- but Ro-bear starts crying and says "Oh mama so sorry soo soo sorry" Of course I told her not to worry and L-bug assured her that we love Ro-bear more than any old ladle, but every time she passed by the trash can she said 'soo soo sorry.'  She's thinking about more than just herself- its amazing to see her growing so much. I don't care about the ladle, but to see Ro-bear worry about someone else's feelings (which even L-bug has trouble with sometimes) was so sweet and warmed my heart.

I think its funny that the things we worry about so much, like Ro-bear's speech, work themselves out.  It is up to us to provide kids with good examples: to talk and talk and talk, to model proper behavior and to live like we want our kids to live. It is not for us to worry.  Of course everyone of us is doing things wrong, of course we're not perfect- we're human, but we're trying. We are each doing what's best for our kids, our spouses and our families. 

Maybe I can learn from this lesson and start to ask for help instead of worrying about temporary problems.  Between friends, family, professionals, and of course God Himself, there is always someone to ask for help.  We need help every day and the only way we can stop the worrying is to ask.  I hope you all have a blessed day and we'll be back on Monday with more adventures at the Blue Rabbit Academy.

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