Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AHHHH late

Sooo, its Monday right? not Tuesday, you're imagining it being Tuesday... So I brought my camera to our friends' house Friday for a sewing group we're trying to do and Sunday sat down to write up the blog and no camera. Okay I tell myself I let it at her house.  She tears the house apart looking (not sure it was that dramatic, but I have a flair for drama so I imagine her tearing it apart) no camera.  So my next thought is okay I dropped it on the way home.... it would be long gone by then, but L-bug and I get the babies in the stroller and walk up and down the street, nothing obviously. So I ask L-bug if she remembers the camera at all Friday. L-bug says "oh yeah, I remember setting it on the coffee table." (face palm) to which Ro-bear adds "oh I hid that."  I spent the rest of the day looking everywhere until our field trip which is a totally different story... so then I don't sleep well all night wondering what happened to the camera and get up all cranky, start tidying up some stuff and there it is on a shelf of kids books. So here I am a day late and dollar short writing last weeks life in the life of us.

Okay, so Monday I introduced Ro-bear's activities for her. First she went for the shoe tie, because she loves lacing.  Then she wanted to try a scoop the pom poms into the muffin tin.  She loved this activity so much that she wanted more poofs, and more poofs and more poofs.  I'd started out the week trying to do some activities loosely based on Goodnight Moon because Ro-bear loves that book.  Therefore I'd picked only red pom poms (balloons) but Ro-bear didn't like that so I ended up just giving her a ton of pom poms and she had a field day. 

Boo got some blocks to play with and a handkerchief to play peek a boo with. She still thought the pom poms were cooler though.

My two cheeseballs hiding out under the school desk. I assume trying to hid that glue stick they were playing with.
Monday was also exciting because Daddy had a week of vacation this week and stayed at home with us.  This was the day we went out and picked out a new washing machine for mommy who hasn't had a dishwasher in a while and wanted one... so we got me one for our 9 year anniversary.
Tuesday my dishwasher was delivered so of course we had to take a break from school to play in it... I mean help daddy assemble the dishwasher.

Just wait until you see what that box looks like now a week later....
Wednesday was gymnastics day. L-bug got a new biketard because unitards have never fit her very well and hers was too small. 
Wednesday was also the first bomb tot activity.  I gave Ro-bear a clothes hanging game with a little line, pins, and felt socks and mittens... she couldn't do it on her own.  She hated the activity so much that she packed it all up in the little Ziploc bag and hid it in her room.  I promised her she wouldn't have to try it again for a while. 

Ro-bear was so cute in gym class, but I already talked about that back in the post about how well she suddenly can talk (yay Ro-bear).  Here's Ro-bear helping with dinner after her so so sorry when she broke the ladle, she did a really nice job pouring in the sauce.

Not too sure why she took a picture of the chicken, but she took a decent shot save the finger up in the corner, so there you go, chicken by a 2 year old :).
So Thursday we headed out to the store before school, which was so really cool in one way, but we were still sitting down at 2, well after the store and lunch break. But neither L-bug nor I are very motivated to DO school sit down work after lunch, sure we still learn things after lunch, but we like to have all our must dos done before lunch. 
 Taking a much needed littlest pet shop break after school.
 Playing in the back yard after dinner.
 Summersaulting on mommy.

Love that girl.
 (not sure why she brought a foam piece from her Thomas the train couch into bed with her, but love her to pieces)
Onto Friday. Daddy's last day of vacation... well except for the weekend which he gets off anyway.... Friday started off with the cutest bed head I've ever seen, but it eluded the camera much to my dismay.

 After breakfast I catch two little bugs hanging out on the kitchen table.  This is why Moms should always have cameras on their arms.

 After all our sit down work and lunch we headed over to our neighbors to start sewing with the kids.  The kids designed bookmarks and cut out the pieces from felt and started sewing them together.  Next week they'll finish the fronts, probably the week after that work on tassles and start the blanket stitch to finish up the front to the back.... but it could be longer, could be less, who knows. That's the fun part about kids right? I'm just hoping their enthusiasm holds out as long as the project takes!! They did well through I'm proud.

 Boo has herself a little boy friend who sat and fed her tomatoes... sooo cute.
 This brings us up to the weekend and an update on the plants.  Boo's sunflower took off like a weed.
 Ro-bear's spotted plant has a little sprout. Its a little hard to see, but it is there. It looks bigger in person.


L-bug's cactus hasn't sprouted at all... I'm almost tempted to go buy her a little potted cactus.  She's doing a good job of checking on it and being happy about her sissy's plant, but I'm totally feeling bad for her. 
So that was our week at the Blue Rabbit Academy. Craft wise nothing happened, I had a little tummy trouble through the week and wasn't motivated to do anything aside from the basics... Hope you all had a blessed week and can't wait to see you back next Monday... yes Monday.

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  1. You're leaving me hanging...what happened to the box? :-)