Friday, February 5, 2016

Go to Bed

"Go to bed" has probably been the most said phrase in my house this week.  What have you had to repeat more times than you care to count this week alone?

Fun things the Littles say:

Boo: You'll pay for that!
Ro-bear: Do you even know what that means?
Boo: Yeah, it means you have to give me all your monies.


Boo: I'm a big girl because I use the potty, but I'm still a little girl because I'm short. I'm big and small, so I'm a little girl.


New Subjects

L-bug has started programing on Kahn Academy. She's just started this week, but she is really loving it.  She has drawn a snowman, and a dinner plate so far. 

She's also decided she really doesn't want to take Spanish anymore.  So, this New Year when I started Duolingo in Spanish she started in French, then I picked up French just to brush up on it all because its been a while.  She's getting to a point where its getting easier because all the words aren't totally new anymore. 


L-bug has become obsessed with YouTube toy channels like DisneyCarToys and The Mommy and Gracie Show.  She's wanting to open her own channel to play with toys, and do skits, etc.

She's also obsessed with the anime Fairy Tail.  We'd gotten two new seasons on DVD for Christmas because we watched both seasons on Netflix already.  She's devoured them and is totally waiting for the next gift giving occasion hoping we'll get a few more seasons.

Boo is obsessed with sitting on my Pinterest and looking at pictures of Sword Art Online.  Her favorite characters are Yui and Asuna.


Ro-bear has moved up to big girl gymnastics.  She loves her new class and her new coach. On the flip side Boo is just eating up the fact that she's now the big girl in her class.  She's showing off and acting like the little princess we all know her to be.

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but in the center is little Ro-bear on her big girl beam with L-bug and the rest of the class.

On the Bookshelf Homeschool edition

Over at the Blue Rabbit Cottage we've started a feature called "on the bookshelf" were I talked about the recent book I'd read.  I thought that I'd share what the kids and I have been reading.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe we're half through the novel and L-bug is very excited to finally get to Aslan any chapter now.  We went to Jungle Jim's recently and bought some Turkish Deights... they were not a huge hit.  We're also planning on watching the movie when we have finished the book. 

Outside time

We've been spending more time outside because of the beautiful weather and the chickens.  The chickens want to get out and forage around the yard.  We've been trying to let them out for half an hour or so each day to run around and eat buggies.  Its going to turn cold again shortly so staying out won't be as much fun.

Lego Club:

This month at Lego club the kids built robots.  Ro-bear was very proud of her robot.

L-bear's is the tall robot beside her.

Contest on Blue Rabbit Cottage

Head over to the Blue Rabbit Cottage Facebook page and 'like' and 'share' the contest post for a chance to win a bow.  Contest ends February 28, 2016 and winner will be announced February 29, 2016.

Hope you have had a good week and we hope to see you back at the Blue Rabbit Academy to see a little bit about what we do at our school and life in general.

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