Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 School Supplies We Can't Live Without

We have many things we use everyday in our school.  We have a tote for our most used books in L-bug's room, a shelf for occasional books in the living room, and shelves lining the walls with free reads.  There is the phone where we listen to Librivox, and the tablet where we do Duolingo, and the desktop where we use Kahn, ABC Mouse, and Peep: in spite of all this we have narrowed down the top 5 school supplies we just can't live without.

What is so funny about this list is the fact that these five items are so important they are magical. You see, they get up and move on their own.  We spend more time looking for these things everyday than we spend looking for the hairbrush (and the brush has several little sprites who help hide it each day.

From least to most important we have...

The pencil sharpener.  We have dozens of tiny pencil sharpeners and yet we can never find them.  Do they have parties under the furniture? I don't know, but they are sneaky little pests.

Pencils themselves come in at number four.  We have buckets full of crayons, but pencils simply fly away.  The girls get numerous pencils for back to school and in Christmas stockings, but no luck.  Every day we have the same hunt for a 'writing stick.'

Scissors are in the middle of the pack.  Now, truthfully, we do not use scissors everyday.  However, we have ten or so pairs, ranging from safty scissors to sewing scissors and everything in between.  Can we find them when we need them? Never.

Number two is dry erase markers.  At the beginning of each school year, I buy bushels of packages for brand new dry erase markers. And every year we loose them one by one.  By spring break we're usually down to the yucky orange that's hard to read.  Some the babies leave uncapped and they dry out, but overall they just pull a Houdini and vanish.

Finally, white boards.  Everyday we write out our day's work on a white board.  The board is supposed to go in the aforementioned tote, and yet somehow every morning I'm searching for a board to get the day started.

These are our five top school supplies we cannot live without here at the Blue Rabbit Academy.  In the comments share your necessary supplies and whether they also have minds of their own.

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