Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year- 2016

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that this new year has started out smoothly for you. We've been fairly busy this past month. We took a few weeks off school for the holidays and then of course the holidays themselves took a toll on everyone. 

Before Christmas Shenanigans

Some of the fun things we've done since we were here last-  Our local G2K had a breakfast and board games day on Saturday.  All of us went and played some games and ate some donuts with some of Dad's friends. 
My friend's twins were born over a month early the week before Christmas and got to come home on New Year's.  Everyone seems to be doing fine. 

We attended a Library Christmas party.  Everyone brought in some snacks and the kids listened to a few Christmas books and then had snacks with their friends.


We went up to visit my family the weekend before Christmas, and got to celebrate Christmas at the hospital with my friend before we left.  It was fun getting to see her, even if we weren't allowed to see the babies.

We got to play some board games, and visited EnterTrainment with my dad.  Amazingly I only took one picture the entire day... and Ro-bear wasn't in it.

When we made it back I got two early Christmas presents... a chicken coop from one brother in law and two chickens to go in it from the other brother in law.  We're very excited to have chickens.

The girls got named Snowball and Ginger.  They seem to be settling in fairly nicely.  

New Year's Nonsense

L-bug got some new games for Christmas this year and we're just getting around to trying them out.  Ro-bear and I played her in Tsuro.  Ro-bear isn't quite old enough to play well yet, but she really loved being part of the game.  Another of this new favorite games is Cash N' Guns.  Ro-bear just likes to aim the little foam gun at people, but everyone's enjoyed that one thus far.
 Who would have thought we would still be playing outside in January?  The weather has been fairly nice this year, but I hear that's coming to an end any day now.  It was nice while it lasted.
 The library did a program on trains this past week.  No one was really in a mood to leave the house, until we remembered the theme was train and Ro-bear loves trains. The library had a large model of the polar express for kids to take their picture with, the girls had a blast.

This was our first full week back to school after such a long break.  It was a little rough on Ro-bear and Boo, but L-bear was a trooper.  She learned about World War I and the properties of light and worked on an essay for a contest due next week.  She's also started a hat for the Chemo Kits she's wanting to make for the local hospital.  We went out after Christmas and bought some blankets and stuffed animals to go in them as well.  I think its a wonderful idea, but I do wonder how long she'll stick with it and how many hats I'll end up making at the end of the year. 

The other thing going on in the near future is Ro-bear's birthday.  She'll be 5 this coming week.  I find that very hard to believe.

Non Academy News

If anyone is interested in reading our craft blog head over to  For the month of January we're holding a contest.  Comment over there with your New Year's Resolution for a chance to win a 5$ gift card to our Etsy store.

I hope to see you back soon for more news from the Blue Rabbit Academy! Have a wonderful New Year!

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