Friday, August 28, 2015

Yolks on you

We started physics this year, one of our experiments was on inertia.  Place an egg on a toilet paper roll, on top of a pie pan, over a glass of water.  Hit the pie pan with the palm of your hand with some force.  The pie pan and roll will fly away and the egg should fall gently into the water.  Our egg apparently did not want to fall gently into the water, and cracked itself onto the side of the glass and sat there, perfectly cracked.  The yolk rolled down into the water and made a lovely, gross looking mess. 

Boo has been working on her hoomans.  She has started adding eyes in consistently, and even tried a new style of eye that wasn't just a circle.  She's very proud of her hoomans, and gives them to everyone she knows.  Every now and then she fusses because she wants me to draw her mermaibs still, but hopefully she'll learn to draw tails soon enough. 

We took the kids to the splash pad this Saturday for our weekly family outing.  Ro-bear and Boo pretty much refused to get wet, but they played at the park and had a blast with Daddy on the swings.  

Everyone was hard at work drawing or reading when I started to take this picture, then suddenly Ro-bear is up on the desk.  I don't remember what she was doing, but she wasn't really throwing something. That's what it looks like to me though.  

Boo woke up on Monday evening with a bad fever and I finally got her to sleep on the couch.  When she woke up the next morning she was on the couch and the cat was on her pillow. She says Moom, Tammy stoled my pillow."  

Ro-bear and Boo have been playing with the sprinkler in the evenings.  Ro-bear doesn't actually like to get wet, so she takes the umbrella from the sand table and uses it to shield herself from the water.  When she wanders off and I threaten to turn the water off, she runs back in with her umbrella shield.

Ro-bear loves her play-aways from the library.  This week she got out a Sid the Science Kid about Motion, which just happens to be what L-bear is studying in science. 

This week has been nice and slow and steady, besides having some sick babies it was an overall pleasant week.

L-bear is so looking forward her birthday so much that it is all we hear about right now.  Just one week and two days before we can stop hearing about it for another year.  She's having a sleep over for her party this year with two of her friends, so I can't blame her for being too excited. 

That's about all here around the Blue Rabbit Academy, I hope this week has been a good one for you and I hope to see you back soon. 

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