Friday, September 11, 2015

Let the Good Times Roll

Since the last blog we've made a trip to Cincinnati and started L-bug's PE class.  Ro-bear is having some trouble adjusting to the new schedule, so it has been a very long two weeks. We've had a sleep over party, much staying up late. Daddy had a week's vacation, so that did not help our routine, it was fun and we enjoyed having him around, but Ro needs routine. Hoping in the next week or two she'll calm back down, just in time for October madness of a wedding, a Cinci trip, Halloween, more birthday parties (friends' this time) etc. Let the good times roll... 

Marbles and Art

For physics this week I had to make a special trip to the store to get some marbles to explore Newton's third law of motion.  The experiment was like the Newton's cradle that you often see on people's desks.  You have a line of marbles and roll one into the line, one pops off the top.  Hit the stack with two and two pop off.  We couldn't manage to get three to work together, but I'm sure it would work in kind.  After physics we went outside and played a game of marbles.
Today L-bug wanted to make play dough today for art instead of drawing.  We couldn't find any food coloring so we had some lovely white dough to play with.  Ro-bear tried to make a shooter marble with the play dough and was disappointed when the clay squished after hitting the other marbles.  Miss L was trying to explain to her that the marbles are made out of glass to be durable, but she just couldn't wrap her mind around the concept.  
We had a snail made out of clay, a foot cast, and lots of marble molds. 


My husband plays Magic with his brother's, nephew, local game store... anyone who will play with him... so this year for Christmas I'm making the guys in the family his own magic themed dice bag in his favorite manna color.  My husband's is the blue one.  Three more bags to go before Christmas.  What are the odds, but in a group of five guys, each picked a different symbol. We slyly asked them; "If you could only chose one color in magic for the rest of your life what would it be?" 

I made a felted purse last week.  L-bug was totally not impressed by the color while I was working on it, but once it was felted up she said it was much nicer and she approved.  You know, nine year olds know all about what colors are cool right?  Which reminds me, Miss L is officially 9 now, yay.

L-bug is 9 

To celebrate being nine she managed to lose two teeth in three days.  The one had been bothering her for a while and finally popped out on its own after many adults telling her to leave it be and it would come out when it was ready.  Two days later the tooth next to it decided to join the party.


As her big present she got a new tablet since her last tablet had an issue with the power plug in area and couldn't charge anymore. She has been totally obsessed with a new tablet.  And being a kid, of course, the first purchase she made with her birthday money was mine craft for her tablet. 

Maker's Faire in Cinci

We just happened to find out that the Maker's Faire was at Union Terminal Museum while we were in town, so Grandma and Grandpas came with us and we had a really fun time looking around the museum and visiting the Maker's Faire booths.

L-bug learned how they made bullets and measured gun powder during the civil war.

Boo found a sand pit and had a blast while L-bug was off playing at a booth that let kids solder buttons.   

The orchestra had a booth where they let kids try out different instruments.  L-bug and Ro-bear both tried the violin, but Boo wanted to try the trumpet. We stood in line for the trumpet for over five minutes while other kids kept jumping in front of her until I said something to the lady... Then Boo was tired of waiting and wimped out on trying the trumpet at all.  I felt like a dork for saying something, but hey, she told me she wanted to try it... Ro-bear is so cute with the huge violin though, I must say.

At the hotel on the trip, L-bug and Boo sat down on a couch in the lobby, L-bug put her hands back like that, and Boo saw and wanted to be just like big sissy.  They can be so sweet sometimes, and a handful others.

Here's to another week of ups and downs. May your ups outnumber your downs.
Come back and visit us soon and see what adventures we get into these next few weeks.  Also visit us at the Blue Rabbit Cottage for more crafting news.

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