Friday, August 21, 2015

Still getting into the swing of things

While the weather is still nice we have been trying to go to the park every weekend as a whole family.  Most weekends we've chosen to go to Warrior's Path State Park.  Boo was actually pushing Daddy in the swing: he sat down just to be silly and she started pushing like a trooper.  After he stopped laughing so hard, he thanked her and told her he was good.  Ro-bear wouldn't switch spots with me, I asked nicely and she said no flat out.  

L-bear doing a science experiment on inertia.  She looks so thrilled in this photo, but in true she had tried a good ten times already to get the notecard out from under the coins.  I'd managed to do it once myself, but she didn't figure that it counts until she's done it herself.  If I could have gotten a picture of her face when it finally worked it would have been precious, but I'd already set down the camera. She finally got to see the coins hover in midair for a fraction of a second before splashing down with a plop.

We have had a subscription to the Green Kids Craft box for a while now, and this was one of their favorite crafts so far. They got to make a tidal bottle with little balloon fish inside.  If you have one or two kids of a similar age I'd recommend the Green Kids Box, but we have three kids and a four year age gap.  We've unsubscribed for now because Boo felt left out and L-bug felt too old for roughly half the activities.  We're going to give Little Passports a try and see if everyone can have fun with that subscription box.  I have nothing bad to say about Green Kids though, its a lovely idea and once L-bug has totally outgrown it we may go back and get a box just for the younger two to complete.

L-bear has gotten into bread making.  She loves the kneading aspect.  She made tortillas for dinner one night. She bailed on me for all the rolling pin work (traitor), but she loved the mixing and kneading.  Ro-bear quite likes punching the bread, as seen above.

On national s'more day, we got creative and cooked marshmallows over the hot stove after my tea pot boiled. 

In other news without pictures, L-bug and I tried staying up for the meteor shower last week. We managed to stay up until 12:30 and then got up at 4 and saw a total of 7 meteors and watched all of Mulan in between trips outside to check on meteors. 
We also made a trip up to Cincinnati for my mother's birthday.  We went to East Fork Lake and had a blast collecting rocks, losing fossils and shells.  I'm not sure we ended up with any fossils or shells in the end, everyone we touched seemed to fall straight back into the lovely brown water.

I worked on some bows for our sister blog/Etsy shop for the upcoming Halloween season.  They will be up and coming soon at the Blue Rabbit Cottage.

We managed to stop by a see a friend from college.  L-bug got to play a game of Splendor with dad and uncle Kenny. She was a very happy camper and only lost by 3 points.  Splendor is one of her new favorite games.

We've still been managing to go to the library pre-school program.  Boo and Ro-bear love the stories and have a little friend they look forward to seeing all week.

This isn't the best picture, but L-bear and one of her best friends were being very silly at dance yesterday.  Some pool noodles were sitting around and they decided to have a noodle fight. Yesterday was one of those days that makes a mom want to throw in the towel and ship her children off to a boarding school.  Two out of three were contrary in everything they did, and as the day wore on I found I'd run out of patience.  The only thing that made me feel better was to get to gym for dance and find out that almost every child in the entire city (or at least those at the gym) were in the exact same mood.  Was it something in the air? The water? or a full moon? No idea but I am so thankful to say that we did not have any issues today, so it was a 24 hour bad mood bug.

Today we managed to get all of our work done before lunch and met some friends at the splash pad for some relaxation time.  I got to talk to another mom and the kids got to run around and be monkeys.  It was a much needed break for everyone all around.   

Our last bit of exciting news for this week was Boo has learned how to draw people, or as she says 'hoomans.' She just picked up a crayon yesterday and was suddenly able to draw people with heads, bodies, hair and eyes. I was surprised and impressed at the same time.  She did fuss at me for these pictures though because the hooman wasn't finished yet.

We are truly getting into the swing of things here at the Blue Rabbit Academy, and I'm glad you stopped by to visit.  Have a blessed day and come back soon.

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