Saturday, July 2, 2016

Spa Day

We had a spa day at the house this week.  Grandma had sent home a Homemade Spa Kit and a DIY Soap kit and we tried both this week.  We forgot to look ahead in the spa kit to see what ingredients we needed, so we were limited in the stuff we could do.  We ended up doing an oatmeal face mask and coconut oil and egg hair mask.  We liked the face mask better.  L-bug's hair looks too greasy after washing out the hair mask.  The first round of face masks Ro-bear said no thank you, but by the time we were wiping off ours she decided to try too.  I love her worried face.  She did make it the entire 15 minutes before wiping it off.

 We also made some soap this week.  It was fun.  We tried a clear soap and a opaque soap and even tried adding some essential oils in.  It worked really well.

In the crafting world this week, we met with some friends at the park to make fairy houses.  We had a blast.  We're hoping to meet every week this summer and do some fun activity together.  This post took me a while to write, so we've done shaving cream marbling since the fairy houses. It was an awesome fun craft, just a little messy and the pictures are lovely.

Ro-bear has started drawing flying foxes.  This one's name is Pumpkin. Sorry he's upside-down.  He's flying over the river.

Since the Fourth of July is Monday we decided to try a Pinterest craft of painting fireworks with paper tubes (ie paper towel or toilet paper rolls).  Ours didn't turn out anything like the Pinterest picture, but it was fun. Then we used paint to just make pictures.

 I also finished the embroidery that I have been working on all year.  I truly thought I'd never get done, but its really pretty now that it is done. 

I'd say we're taking it easy this summer, but I feel like we're running more than we do in the school year.  We're enjoying library programs and splash pad and craft day with friends.  Overall we're having a lovely summer and I hope you are as well.  Share some of your favorite summer time crafts! I'd love more ideas for our little group.  

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