Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quiet July Week

Welcome back.  I hope you had a wonderful week and a lovely Fourth of July!

This week has been a little different.  We spent Monday with family eating, playing board games and finally watching fireworks in the rain.  Classes and activities mostly got cancelled this week between the Fourth (the gym closed for the week) and rain (no craft day or splash pad).  We still managed to have fun though.
We did lots of artwork
 Ro-bear did a lovely picture of Sebastian and Ceil from Black Butler and threw Maka from Soul Easter in at the bottom.
 L-bug started a series of drawings called the fiftapuses, sometimes pentapus.

 We spent some time crafting. 
 L-bug has been working on sewing a stuffed doggie/wolf for her friend's birthday.
I've been perfecting a soap sack pattern for the Etsy store.

Boo has been practicing her lacing skills.  That's not bad at all, especially for a four year old.  She loves her new set of lacing shapes from Target.  Gotta love Target's "dollar" section.

We played around with hair curlers and curling irons.  My hair doesn't hold curl very well, but L-bug's looked nice all day long.

When we went shopping this week. L-bug saw a backpack she fell in love with.  Sometimes I buy backpacks sometimes I don't.  I wasn't planning on it this year because last year's still looked really nice.  She started out brining it to work with her every week, but stopped as the year went on and it just didn't get worn out.  However, she loved this one so much I broke down.  She's packed her art supplies in it and has been dragging it everywhere.

We've also been trying to declutter and organize the house some before school starts.  This week we went through out bookcases.  We'd bought tons of books at a few book sales this year and they didn't fit on the shelf, so we sorted through what we had and got rid of enough books so that everything fits on a shelf again.  Its a wonderful feeling.  Every time I saw a pile of books on the floor I felt bad because I knew we weren't using most of them because we didn't know what was there.  I also cleaned out the hall closet, which was the odds and ends place.  Anytime we did a stash and dash it went into the closet.  No more of that.  The closet now holds outdoors things, a vacuum and cat food. 
We're making good progress on having less stuff clogging up the house.

How has your summer been going? I hope you're finding some moments of peace and quiet.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.  Hope to see you again soon.

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