Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Fun

Our Spring garden is finally turning brown and dying, except the strawberries who are having one last hurrah and producing lots of little berries.  The tomatoes are strong and the corn is growing like a weed, just like the kids.  Boo turned four officially now. She was a little confused after having her party so early.
One of her birthday presents was a little wooden knife to cut soft things like clay and dough, but Ro-bear stole it and decided to test its limits.  She tried to chop all the veggies for a taco dinner with it.  It did surprisingly well on some things and of course didn't handle others like onion and tomato. 

I cut the top and bottom off the green pepper and she cleaned it and chopped it all up.  I love Boo's face sitting there like, um isn't that MY present?

Speaking of food... My mom and I are working on a new blog called The Blue Rabbit Kitchen.  We will be posting some food recipes and ideas on there! It will be up and running soon so check it out. 

This food is a little random, but how pretty is this watermelon? 
Sadly it was soft and mushy so we didn't eat it, but I had to take a picture because its so pretty.

Do you spend a lot of time crafting in the summer?  We do.  I've been working on an embroidery and the girls have been drawing a lot lately.  Then L-bug and I decided to work on some anime inspired earrings.  These are the general idea, but the Fairy Tail ones broke before we got to make them earrings.
 We have Fairy Tail Guild symbols, Death symbol from Soul Eater, Soul's Soul from Soul Easter and random birds I just made up.
 Ro-bear drew a Flareon from memory.  I was totally impressed. I don't think I could draw Pok√©mon even with a model.

We've been doing the library programs for the summer.  We've been reading up a storm, we've already hit 50 books in just a few weeks.  This week's program was Snakes Alive.  L-bug got chosen to feed a giant lizard.  She's still excited about it days later.

Finally here's another random picture.  I woke up at Grandma Bev's and noticed that Ro-bear and Boo were symmetrical.  They were totally sleeping the in same but opposite pose.

I hope you're having a lovely June.  We're staying busy and having fun.  I hope you see you back next week. 


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