Sunday, June 5, 2016

Boo's Early Birthday Party

 Our out of town family was in for the weekend, so we decided to have Boo's fourth birthday a tad bit early this year so we could all eat cake together.  Her real birthday is next week, but that's okay.  She had a blast playing with her new toys with her cousins and wearing her two birthday dresses.  She kept switching in between the two.

 Summer has officially started and so have our splash pad dates with friends.  I forgot to take too many pictures because we were all busy catching up.  The sun and the friends wore us out, but it was so lovely.  I'm looking forward to next Thursday. 
 L-bug and I have been watching Soul Eater and finally came to the end of the show.  We were both a little sad, so we decided to do some cosplay.  I made L-bug a pendant and a pair of ear buds like the character Justin Law.  Not our favorite character, but his costume is pretty awesome. 

The garden this week... the Spring garden is finally winding down.  We picked some peas today to keep for seed next year.  The girls have really enjoyed the spring garden and are looking forward to the summer garden.  The tomatoes are so tall and the corn is getting up there too.  The zucchini and watermelon, sadly, have been dug up by an animal or eaten.  I'm pretty sad that they were doing so well and now they are gone, but I know things happen that we can't control.

Our library summer program is also underway.  We went to see a magician and have been tracking all our books at home.  We're almost up to 30 already.  The kids love to grab a pile of books and read until my voice gives up.  L-bug has been reading several books to her sisters too, so that's a nice break for me.

We are working through Pollyanna some when we have quiet time, and I'm almost done with Pocketful of Pinecones.  It is such a delightful book if you haven't read it, I'd highly recommend finding a copy!

I hope your summer is as lovely as ours.  We are having a wonderful time exploring nature and working on crafts and the garden.  Time is upon me to start planning for next school year.  I'm just hoping I can keep some of the magic of summer all year. 

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