Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.  Things around the academy have been pretty normal this week.  We're having more poison ivy going as soon as one kid gets over it another breaks out.  We're going to have to break down and dig it all up.

Last weekend we went to the annual Spring Festival at the Exchange Place which is a 1850s farmstead.  They had a May Pole that Boo and Ro-bear each participated in.  Dad got some pictures of Ro-bear and L-bug took some of Boo. 

They also had little activities for the kids to do like washing and carding wool and making flower prints.
They also have farm animals around and the girls got to pet some horses and watch a little black sheep play in the meadow.  There are musicians there who play 'old time' music and plant sellers there for you to get your summer vegetables going.  We bought three tomatoes and Dad's brother gave us some jalapenos to grow this year.
Ro-bear decided that she wants her own separate green peppers this year because she likes to eat them.  As I was cutting open a pepper for dinner she took the whole top and took the seeds out and planted them in a pot and brought them out to the green house.  We'll see how that works for her.  I hope she gets some peppers.
The other day Ro-bear dropped one of the eggs bringing it inside and our strawberries are about to ripen so L-bug and I decided that we need a basket for carrying in the goodies from the garden/yard.  She decided we needed to make our own basket, but we don't have any basket materials so we decided to make a plastic braided basket from old Walmart bags. As most in depth craft projects L-bug started out strong and promptly got tired of working on it and I'm doing all the work.  I will admit that this basket is more work that I'd like.  First you must cut off your handles and the very bottom of the bag and cut it in a continuous strip, one Walmart size bag can make about three rounds around the bag for a strip.  Then braid three bag strips into a long braid and sew them into a coil. 
Here's L-bug braiding the strips.
Me sewing the beginning of the coil.
L-bug pretending the basket is a finger sombrero.

That's about all that's been happening on our side of the world.  My best friend from high school just had a new baby so we're making her a belated happy baby present this weekend.  Will share pictures later. Yay for babies. 

I hope you have had a wonderful Mother's day and got to spend today with people you love and love you back.  Those are the best days. 

Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you back next week.

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