Friday, April 29, 2016

Pictures tell the Story

Welcome back to the Blue Rabbit Academy.  We've been getting into fun mischief lately. This week I'm just going to tell you a series of stories based off some of the pictures I took this week. 

The babies library program this week was about colors.  After the program they had some little activities for the kids to do such as fishing for letters of your color and putting pom poms on the rainbows. 
 Here is Ro-bear hunting for yellow letters.
Here is Boo putting Red, Yellow, and Orange pom poms on her rainbow.

Last weekend at our weekly get together at their Aunt and Uncle's house someone decided to do a fire and roast marshmallows.  The kids had a blast.  Boo got a little cranky when people started telling stories, but it was late.  I brought her inside so I missed a lot of the games and stories, but there's nothing quite like a fire with marshmallows and s'mores.

 We started trying to do some crafts in the morning.  This one is a construct kit, it had three dinos cut out to assemble and decorate.  The girls had fun dividing up the stickers and planning some YouTube videos with these dinos.  We haven't filmed them yet, but they are on the very official looking chalk board of Icy Breeze Show stuff.  I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but L-bug got into poison ivy. Seriously all over her face.  We almost brought her to the Dr because it was near her eyes, but then it stopped spreading.  By today it is down to a light pink and no where nearly as poofy.  I do wish my kids didn't get poison ivy by just looking at it... two out of three had it on their face this month alone.
One of the other crafts we've done this week was a science kit on crystals.  The kit came with little pouches filled with jello like material.  You add them to water and they turn into crystals... Well, they got fuzzy looking (see picture) then they got bigger. They never made me think of crystals, but more like Q-bert- like the boards in that game.  The kids liked watching it grow, but we all agree that the kit should tell us what the crystals are. Or why they form the way they do.  We just would like a little more science.

We didn't have a ton of outside time this week because I can't quite shake the cough I got last week.  We did go out some though.  Boo and Ro-bear decided to put on their bathing suits one day and use a box that was in the yard as a slip n' slide.  They brought out of bucket of water and poured it on the box and slipped and laid on it and in general had fun outside. 

L-bug has been asking for a bunk bed with a futon under it.  She says between sleepovers and playing Nintendo it would just be awesome.  It just so happened that her Uncle was getting rid of that exact type of bed and gave it to her.  Her Dad and another Uncle got it all set up for her and its been next to impossible to get the girls our of her room now. 
 About five years ago L-bug went to a VBS over the summer and they gave out prizes.  L's prize was this turtle, but sadly as soon as she got it home its leg broke off.  She insisted that she keep it because it was important to her, so its been sitting around in different places around the house for the past five years.  This year in school we just happened to be reading Minn of the Mississippi.  L-bug looked up after our reading one day and says "Mom, my turtle. It's Minn!" In one of the first chapters of the book Minn lost her leg to a gunshot woud and we believe it was the same back leg, but we could be wrong.
While taking a picture of Minn up there, Boo insisted on taking a picture of her fox.  So, here is Boo with a fox. Please excuse L-bug's desk. Dear Goodness that kid keeps her desk a mess.  I can't say too much though, that's her craft desk.  Craft desks are made to be messy... Shh don't tell.

Last May a friend gave me a Queen comforter bag full of yarn.  I've been working through it as the year passed and the bag is almost empty.  I found bunches of smaller balls at the bottom of the bag and decided to make a magic blanket with them.  A magic blanket is essentially a blanket where you use the yarn you have and just tie on a new ball as you finish.  Another way to do it is to take the left over yarn from a project and wind it into a ball of other scrappy yarn.  In a week I've gotten it to about baby blanket size, but I'm running out of small balls.  I think I'll finish it for now, and then when I have scraps from another project I can just add more on as I get more.  The girls all love the blanket so we're hoping to get it big enough for a couch blanket.

It has been a fairly busy week even though we left the house as little as possible.  I could use a weekend to rest and get rid of this cough, but its just not going to happen.  We have International Table Top Board Game Day tomorrow.  A day I look forward to all year long! Followed by the Spring Festival on Sunday.  I think we all look forward to that as well so we are going to be super busy, but that's okay. We can rest later. 

Don't forget that you can check out L-bug over on YouTube at The Icy Breeze Show, and you can check out our crafts at Blue Rabbit Cottage on Etsy and Blogger and @RabbitCottage on Twitter.

I hope you have had a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by and listening to my stories.  Hope to see you again soon.

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