Friday, May 20, 2016

A little Caving Field Trip

Last Thursday Daddy mentioned wanting to take a field trip to a local cave.  Last Friday we just happened to finish school with a reading on limestone making stalactite and stalagmite so we decided to take a trip Saturday to a local cave. 
 There is a rock formation called the dragon.  They let the girls climb on its back to take a picture, but Ro-bear was afraid of climbing up, so this was the best I could get of everyone.  Boo fussed because the dragon didn't come to life and move. 
 The guide took out picture at the 'heart of the cave'  one of our few and far between family pictures.
 The largest stalagmite in the cave.  The girls were extra silly posing. 

 Just a few pictures of rock formations.  They also let the girls do a couple of crawls, but I was too busy watching them that I forgot to take pictures.  Boo loved the crawls so much.  Ro-bear was so nervous she kept wanting to turn back. She said she knew that way was safe and didn't know if this way was safe.  Once we finally finished and were driving home she said she wanted to go back again some time, it was fun.

We actually had a pretty busy week this week. We got a new garden bed and lots of seeds and sprouts to fill it with.  We'll keep you updated on how the garden does over the summer.  Our spring garden is still overflowing with peas and spinach and strawberries and onions, so we needed a second garden to start summer. 

Sorry for the poor picture quality, some reason my phone doesn't like to zoom in for pictures.  Probably something about the girls dropping it way back when. 

We also go our Little Passports for England this week.  We were thinking about canceling and trying Eggdrop, but L-bug loved the England pack so I do not know if we'll stick with it or change up boxes some.  Ro-bear really wants to get Green Kids Crafts again.  We loved it, but even with the siblings pack we didn't get enough for everyone so it was more trouble than it was worth with the fussing and fighting over who got to do what.

 We got a 3-D puzzle for Big Ben or as Ro-bear points out, Elizabeth's Tower.  We don't have a bell inside so its not Big Ben.  Note: its the bell who is named Big Ben incase you were like me and didn't know that before this week. 
It wasn't too too hard to put together.  The little girls didn't help very much, but L-bug and I enjoyed working on the puzzle together.  She wants to look into other 3D puzzles, I haven't started looking yet.

We also got 'new' couches this week.  It was perfect timing.  His brother and sister in law were getting new couches and offered us their old ones.  At first it was just nice because our couch was a little ratty, but then the back hinge on our couch broke and became frustrating.  Every time someone sat on the right hand side of the couch the person on the left hand side went flying, or at least got jarred a bit. 
Ro-bear got sad the day our couch was leaving and wrote it a note.  The inside said, "your kid will miss you." the outside of the envelope said "This couch I hope it will be safe here"  She told me what to write then drew pictures on it and taped the envelope to the couch.  She got upset when dad tried to take her note off because he didn't know it was a note for the couch.
 Here is the new couch and loveseat and no Boo isn't jumping on it, she's climbing up, but man is it hard to stop her from jumping.
Boo so very much wants to be just like L-bug.  She even sits the same way on the loveseat. 

Tonight L-bug has some friends over for a sleepover, so Boo, L-bug and I are having a party upstairs.  We have popcorn, pizza, movies and old Lootcrates that got put in a corner and ignored.

 Sorry this one is grainy, but the fact that Ro-bear is chilling watching Bolt with a Face Hugger strapped to her face is just too awesome.  She had the Face Hugger downstairs in her bed, but the rubber band was found in a box upstairs, so she had to bring him up for movie night. 

I hope you're starting your summer off nicely.  Thanks for visiting the Blue Rabbit Academy.  Before I looked through my pictures from this week I thought we had mostly laid fallow this week and rested.  Now I laugh seeing all the things I discarded as relaxing.  Our summer is off and running, come back soon to see what adventures we've found for ourselves. 

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