Saturday, April 16, 2016

Busy Bees

We're wrapping up our school year already.  We still have four more weeks to go, but our PE class just ended and everyone said their goodbyes and we all made plans to meet up this summer to play.  It feels odd to be wearing a jacket in the mornings and be planning meetups at the splash pad by afternoon.  I even managed to get sunburnt at PE.  Just doesn't sit right with me.  We're enjoying a peaceful, but busy time.  We're growing things in the garden, doing our school work, filming for YouTube and buying next years school books.

Am I the only one who plans next year while still in the trenches of this year?  There's just something so hopeful and fresh about new books, that it helps me pass the last few weeks of school without going insane.

Our chickens have discovered our compost pile.  They think they are in chicken heaven.  The only sad part was that something was growing in there. I think possibly a pumpkin.  Its not now, they totally mowed it over.

We found this little guy on our steps the other day.  Little did I know that Ro-bear would catch him in a jar.  I thought he had run away, went inside and there's a mason jar sitting on the kitchen bench with a very miserable looking lizard inside.

Don't worry about him though, I gently slipped him back out onto the porch and he had wandered off by the next morning.

On the bookshelf preschool edition

Mustache Baby Meets his Match by Bridget Heos

Boo loved Mustache Baby so much she asked for a copy for Christmas, so when a sequel came out we headed to the library.  Everyone else must have run too because we had to wait months to get a copy.  Finally Boo got the book.  She loves it.  The illustrations are just as adorable as the first book. 
I preferred the story of the first book better, but this book gently showed little kids about competition with humor and adorable characters.

This book and Mustache Baby are a great addition to any little person's library! You will reread them over and over. 

Our Misadventure

The other day for art class we decided to do a project with tempera paint.  We read about a Medieval artist who used egg and berries or bugs to make tempera (not that he was the only one, he was just the example in the book).  The book told us to take chalk  instead of natural materials, mix with egg yolk and just a touch of water.
L-bug found a piece of chalk that for some reason was wet, so she had difficulty crushing it for the paint.  She mixed a light yellow and wanted it darker so she added more chalk.  It was not crushed up well, so for some reason she decided to try to melt the chalk in the microwave... a minute later she comes out with a bowl of nasty smelling... scrambled eggs.
It was just about the nastiest paint I have ever seen and hope to never see a paint this sticky again...
If you decide to make tempera paint, please do not microwave your paint. Crush the chalk then add a little bit of yolk with water (just a little water).

I hope you have had some fun adventures lately.  Please feel free to share in the comments.  I'm glad you came back to visit and hope you check back soon for more school adventures are the blue rabbit academy.

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