Friday, March 25, 2016

Soaking in the Spring

Since the weather has been so lovely lately we've been doing school and spending most of our days outside.  We've had bugs go to school with us and chickens steal our breakfast and scope out our lunches.  We've climbed trees, dug in the dirt and swung on the swings.  It has been a really nice time.  

Ro-bear of all people decided to catch worms, slugs and the little black and red bugs.  The kid who hates to have her hands dirty.  I was very surprised.  She's hold them and watch them then go wash her hands and come back out to play.

Boo likes to follow the chickens around the yard.  She's pretty good about getting them back into the yard when they wander off as well.

One morning Ro-bear had a waffle on the picnic table and the chickens stole it.  They loved it so much they now go check out the table every time we're outside to see what we might have left in reach for them.  That day it was pizza. Amazingly, they did not make a move for the pizza.

 Here's are both chickens on the bench.

 We learned that Snowflake is actually a rooster and had to trade him for a new hen.  Everyone is very upset because he was the sweetest chicken, but Nutmeg is starting to get used to us and I think we'll all get along okay in the end.

 Here's the slug that Ro-bear had working on a worksheet with her a different morning.

 Wednesday was up in the high 80s, and the girls decided to take the garden watering can to splash each other after school and gymnastics.  When they were tired of splashing around L-bug and Boo started to swing on the swing set.  Ro-bear went inside and put on clean pjs and brought out her blanket and pillow and laid in the grass. 
Tonight while L-bug and I were watching tv, I look over and she was winding my grey yarn into a ball for me. What a sweet child.  Of course, I found out she was winding it up so she could steal it and make a scarf, but still a sweet child.

If you haven't tried schooling outside I would highly recommend it.  We fit nature study in with the rest of our book work.  Everything from identifying the bird in the tree beside us, to the hawks eyeballing our chickens, to watching the pea shoots sprout is fit in seamlessly with physics and English.

Another added benefit of so many hours outside is the that the girls are sleeping through the night again.  We'd gone through a phase where Boo was waking up at 11-12 crying and then Ro-bear would get up at 5-6 and want to sleep with us.  It is a very draining cycle.  It is nice to know that fresh air and sunshine can help reset their little bodies and help everyone get some much needed sleep.

Let me know what your favorite outdoor activities are on a nice sunny day.  Its been nice having you visit.  I hope you stop by again soon.

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