Friday, September 25, 2015

Getting Crafty

Miss L has taken up hand sewing again.  She's been making little faces.  She wanted to make some for the twins my friend is having, and I didn't realize who she was making faces for.  I offered her some beads for the eyes and she fussed at me that those would fall off and kill the babies... oops.  

After all the sewing L-bug has been doing Ro-bear decided she needed in on the sewing and pulled out her lacing shapes.  She did a very nice job sewing up her teddy bear.  L-bug also sewed a felt shape picture and a diaper for her new koala bear.  

This is the set I made for the above mentioned twins.  There are two blankets, but they are both the same fabric.  I love the bunny hats. Boo wants a pink and white one now.  She's waiting rather impatiently for me. 

Ro-bear got a book out at the library called something about Frozen hairstyles.  We've tried a new hair style almost everyday since.  Here are a few I remembered to take pictures of:

L-bug loves doodling.  She is designing a line of clothing in this picture.  The clothes are all fall colors and the line is named autumn.

Boo is finally old enough to help in the kitchen.  She can stir and mix and add some things to the bowl. 

Ro-bear learned about place value this week.  She loved moving the shapes into the different houses and taking numbers and putting the shapes in the right houses to make the number.  Boo just thought that the shapes were neat. 

L-bear's PE class was at the YMCA this week, and the little kids were allowed to swim in the little pool.  They had a blast.

I found a few magazines and gave them to the kids to play with.  L-bear made an ad.  The 'milkshakes' are asking "are you in?" and the cat, cookie and woman are answering- "I am"  the ad made me laugh.

Some random funny things from this week.  I'm cross stitching a house that says Mom's Rules on it.  Ro-bear looked at the house with the M on it and says:  Why did you put the McDonald's sign on this house? Is it a mcdonald's? yummy.

In  other news: L-bug bought a retro-bit with her birthday money.  L-bug and Ro-bear were playing and Ro says "watch out bad guys, we kill you for reasons" 

Boo learned something listening to L-bug's physics lesson this week.  She, very annoyingly, learned that she can tough L-bug and yell "Stop touching me" because we learned that everything is pushing back with an equal force. 

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