Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year (just a little late)

One of my goals for the new year is to cook more instead of just heating up food.  I really do enjoy cooking, but with the girls sometimes its just easier to heat food and eat.  So far this year we had this meal shown above- Lemon and Garlic Chicken with Focaccia bread last Friday, then we had Cheesy Chicken bundles Sunday which made enough to freeze another meal worth, and then Baguettes Monday and Chocolate bread with Spaghetti yesterday.  So far it seems like mostly just breads, but hey its baking.   The Lemon Chicken was yummy, but L-bug hated it.  The Cheesy Chicken was a hit with everyone and the chocolate bread was yummy, but not as sweet as L-bug excepted.

January seems to be birthday month.  Ro-bear's birthday is Monday, her party's tomorrow.  Then we had friend Ks little J's 1st birthday last weekend and neighbor S's little J's 1st birthday next weekend and her boy C's birthday the next weekend.  Shew, birthday month, there's also the girl's cousin E's birthday in there somewhere. 

 I love this picture.  I think the cake meets Ro-bear's approval.  Which reminds me I need to bake a cake today...

 These outfits the girls wore to church last week.  They were given to them for Christmas by daddy's best friend's mama, their new Grandma Mary.  She picked out some awesome outfits, the girls looked really nice.

 Sorry about the mess, just look at the girls :).  We're still cleaning up and reorganizing from Christmas.
Ro-bear's selfie.  It just cracks me up.

 Ro-bear found a map and proceeded telling her dolly where people lived on the map.

 Santa brought Ro-bear lots of chalk, so we all got out the big chalk board and colored together.  The problem with chalk is one person crawls over the board and takes out everyone's pictures in one swell foop.

 Ro-bear explaining to me she wants me to look at the pictures she took... which included above self portrait. 
The girls started in on book binding out of their own volition.  L-bug wanted to make Ro-bear a book for her birthday and wanted it to stay together.  We watched a lot of youtube videos on book binding then decided on a method and I had to help because it involved poking holes in the paper with sharp objects, then we sewed it up and now we just have to hope L-bug gets it done by Ro-bear's birthday.  Good luck on that Bug. 
Oh L-bug also started a homeschool cheerleading group this week.  We'll see how it goes, so far she loves it.  The other two girls in the class are older though and more experienced and it made her feel a little behind.  We explained that she just has to work hard and she'll get better.  She took to the cheer part easily, its the tumbling she's "behind" on...
This week was a little crazy, the weather was too cold to step outside for the first half of the week and the girls weren't feeling into the routine thing, we felt a little off all week.  On the bright side we're not halfway through second grade.  L-bug is very happy about that.  Here's to a lovely weekend and a much calmer week ahead (please please let it be calmer)

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