Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Christmas Overview

So on Christmas Eve we drove around looking at the lights around town, every time Ro-bear saw a house with lights she would yell POLKA DOTS, we knew she'd fallen asleep when the cries stopped. 

Funny things the kids said leading up to Christmas-

L-bug- "Mom, we need to put out a fresh roll of toilet paper, Santa might need to use our bathroom."

two weeks before Christmas the girls gifts were already wrapped- Ro-bear "Mom, you get me a doll for Christmas?"  Me: "I don't know"  Ro-bear "if you forgot we can unwrap it and see."

4 days before Christmas: Lbug: "how many more days until Christmas?" Me: There are (interrupted by someone's toot) days until Christmas. L-bug" LOL- there are toot days until Christmas. But wait that would be better if it were two."

Okay I'm sure there were others, but those are the ones that stuck with me.  Here are some pictures from Christmas far and wide.
 Chilling out on Christmas eve
 Milk and cookies for santa? Try egg nog and buckeyes
 Christmas eve pjs

 ready to go looking at lights
 Santa came

 Ug sissy, what's all the noise about?
 Boo and Ro-bear went to the wrong Santa gifts at first then Boo saw new boots and Ro-bear saw a train the one thing she asked Santa for, so they switched piles and were happy.

 Ro-bear's choo choo didn't have a battery, so she was a little upset, then Daddy to the rescue with a battery.

 Daddy's new tenor uke.
 On my birthday L-bug got a Christmas present (I found these on sale and hoped someone would give L-bug some money for Christmas then gave her these) she looked at them all excited then said, oh its your birthday are these yours?

 Spoiled rotten little girl has daddy feeding her cereal.

 Boo LOVES her new baby Jesus, who cares about any other toy, that baby is sweet.

 L-bug got an American Girl doll she's been dying to get.

 After Christmas my mamaw mailed L-bug a bracelet loom and L-bug loves it, she sat right down and made this bracelet.
Sorry there are millions of pictures, but that was Christmas, over three states and over almost an entire week.  Shew we've been a little tired recovering from all that excitement.

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