Saturday, December 14, 2013


So things have been wild around here.  L-bug has had a rough month so far, she needs a break and is so very excited for Christmas she just can't stand it.  Ro-bear is having a hard time being two, being two can be very hard and Boo is just Boo.  Here's a nice recap of our life since what Halloween?

L-bug had done an experiment- Will a cut Lily grow in a jar with water, soil and sun.  After a month or so she finally declared that indeed the lily would NOT grow and had in fact dried very nicely in the jar, she decided to throw it away in the front yard.

 Ro-bear graduated toddler level on ABC Mouse and L-bug had a ceremony for her.

Drawing witches legs for art class.

 The babies invented their own recipe.

Fun painting

These pictures should take us up through the beginning of November- yes Santa was early November.  We went to the Christmas connection that's always the first weekend of November and Santa was there this year.
Since this is an insane amount of pictures I'll do a recap of November and December separate. 
Thanks for staying with me when things were crazy.  Any questions about uncaptioned pictures feel free to comment.

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