Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last week of school before much needed December break

The title should describe it all lol it was a rough week.  We've been doing some advent activities.  The girls have a calendar that has candy and an ornament in each day and we found on pinterest some kid Christmas jokes and we read one a day and finally we have an activity list.  This can be anything from Friday movie night, to bake cookies to making ornaments.  In case anyone's dying to know, here's our list, we've not followed it exactly, some things moved days as needed, but as an outline its been really nice

1 Decorate tree
2 apple bread
3 felt board snowmen
4 gingerbread cookies
5 Christmas party for PE
6 movie
7  glittery pinecones
8 Christmas cards
9 scratch art ornament
10 wrap gifts to friends
11 felt ornaments
12 make recycled card baskets
13 Movie
14 make paper chain
15gingerbread again
16 snow playdoh
17 make sugar scrubs
18 any last min baking
19 chocolate chip cookies
20 Movie
21collage wreath (paper plate)
22 buckeyes
23 cocoa
24 Christmas lights
 The girls asked to get down the messy tray early this week and we painted.  Ro-bear discovered if she folded her painting in half she got two pictures that were the same... this lead L-bug to do this too even though it kinda ruined her picture (it had been a snake-- see below)

Mommy's picture, I gave it to the girls to decorate... instead they spilled a glass of water on it... oh well


 Scratch ornament day- the paint did not scratch off as nicely as we'd like... but we had a blast.

 We'd gotten behind on our activities so we did glitter pinecones the same day.  We kept the glitter nicely on the tray the whole time that Boo napped... then she got a hold of a glitter canister and let's just say the hallway is red and sparkly now even after sweeping....
 This week I saw on the Facebook a link to AGOT snowflakes and they were awesome. I cut out a set for my husband and he said you know my sis in law would like these too... so I made her a set... after three evenings of cutting snowflakes the carpet in front of the couch as coated in paper... luckily I vacuumed it up this morning and its back to normal.
 Saturday's activity was paper chains for the last 10 days to count down the Christmas (I know its 11 days Saturday, but what was the point of making the 11? I don't know it might have been worth it to pull off tomorrow but we did 10 anyway)
The past two weeks in school we finished up each day with a holiday book or winter theme book from the library.  Some went over better than others... Ro-bear and Boo LOVED a book called Flip and Flop by Dawn Apperley but it was really too young for L-bug- we still read it probably 3 times and skipped some others we'll catch in our free time next week.
 My card basket.
L-bug's basket she's not quite finished yet.

In totally random news- Ro-bear decided to potty train herself.  She got a pack of underwear last Friday and has worn them everyday and has only had 5 accidents all week. Go Ro-bear!

I hope you all are having a restful Christmas season and I'll see you back again next week.

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