Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is here... why's it 90 outside?

Sorry to miss a week again.  We took a trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa for Icy's birthday.

This is Icy using some of her new birthday presents. 

 Her new fox robe, her new fox mug and her new tablet.   She was so happy to visit and celebrate with her family.  After we got home from the trip she got her blue streaks she's been dying for (pun intended).
Yeah I know you can't really tell, but there are two shocking blue stripes in there.  For anyone concerned, we used Manic Panic which is a vegan semi-permanent hair dye so nothing chemically or permanent.

Speaking of hair, the other day the girls all sat down to curl their hair.  They lost patience a little too fast though and the curls all fell out immediately. 
They made quite a cute bunch though.  Ro-bear only got a couple curlers because her hair is naturally curly and well, we ran out of curlers in the package.

 The girls have been going to science club every chance we get.  This month was super hero science.  The girls had a blast doing experiments and talking about super heroes.  That's one of their favorite subjects in the whole world and even Ro-bear jumped in yapping away. 

 Here are some random clay figures that's Icy made recently.  Sadly the purple cat got squished under the couch and the rainbow got cracked.  We tried to fix him, but it just didn't really work out.  I'm very glad we got pictures of them before they bit the dust.  She worked really hard on them. 
 Icy had a diorama she was supposed to work on for science class.  She had to two weeks to work on the project, and she started off pretty well.  She drew the random Mr. Octopus above, but erased him for some serious work.  Below is a picture of our notes and some pictures we drew for ideas.  That lovely sea dragon in the center was all Icy. It's my favorite up there.  My second favorite was my octopus, but the flash makes it impossible to see.  Oh well.
 This is the picture she doodled for a model for the shoe box.  Sadly, the air dry clay was not working, it wasn't exactly dried out, but was crumbly when you worked with it.  I'm not sure what was wrong with it.  So she decided to make the animals out of paper... then got distracted building the cat a cat house out of boxes with a scratching post and doors and a window etc.  Finally I told her to just draw me a lovely picture of a coral reef and tell daddy something she learned about the coral reef environment.
Every Thursday Icy and I go to Urban Ninja class and Daddy spends time with the other girls.  I came home yesterday to see Daddy spending time with all the girls.  He had two little girls and a kitty girl in his lap.  The kitty girl looked so happy sitting there I had to take a picture. 

Things have been both busy and slow for us right now.  We joined a girl scout troop and have been getting used to the idea of going to meetings on top of everything else we do.  Then we've gotten in a nice swing with school work, except for the occasional day when we're still working at 4:30 in the afternoon... that day was the day that the AC was out and we spent a few hours in the morning waiting on the repair man.  Then after he came we spent another hour outside talking to him and asking him questions about the AC.  Sadly we still had some stuff to do when he left and we had PE to go to etc.  We made it though. 

I hope you are having a wonderful fall so far (yes I know it just started).  Our neighbor's tree is changing already and we heard some geese flying south.  I hope the weather will soon fall into place and all will be lovely and fall.  

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