Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm a horrible blogger

Let's see, we've done so much lately.

February in review



Does the Moon Shine Experiment.  We took a ball of foil, went into a dark place, and then shone a flashlight on it (the sun) sadly the only working light we could think of was the drill... flashlights don't last long in our house all the girls LOVE them.

Making Valentines for her PE class.  She picked a design she liked on Pinterest (cat faces from hearts) and before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics we started cutting out hearts.
Right after all the countries walked through in the Olympics I look over and see this.  She made it through all the countries, but missed most of the show.

Winter trip to Bays Mountain for science.  L-bug had found a rock we couldn't identify from our book, so we went and looked at the rock collection at Bays and found it. Of course we also had to check out the animals and play on the little play thing. 

The Carousel Project had a soap carving class for kids, so L-bug and two of our neighbor kids went to it.  Sadly we were the only people not from GIRLS INC there and the lady from GIRLS INC snubbed us because L-bug and I are homeschoolers.  Luckily the man running the show was great and treated everyone well.  After the class they let the kids look at the carousel and a wonderful man who just happened to be in working stopped to show the L what he was doing and answer questions. 

We made Valentines cookies just in case, but as you can guess by the amount of snow that day we didn't have PE the next day, so we got to enjoy all those lovely sugar cookies ourselves :).

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