Monday, February 3, 2014

Sick as dogs

 Two Thursday's ago I got a cough and a fever and was sick all weekend.  Then L-bug got sick Sunday and it snowed on Tuesday, then Ro-bear had a tiny cough and now finally this week Boo got sick so we've been a little off lately.  On Tuesday we had some watermelon we'd gotten before I got sick, it was very yummy.  I tried to take a picture of the snow out of the window while Ro-bear is holding a watermelon, but it just didn't work out.
 In December I started making Ro-bear some robot pjs and just never did the finishing touches, so I just gave it to her.  She loves them even unfinished and wore them all day.

 L-bear whining through uke lessons with Dad.  She's in a phase where she doesn't want to practice anything and doesn't want to work at anything so pretty much everything we ask her to do is like pulling teeth and so much fun...
 Poor Boo and her snotty green nose.
 On Wednesday we were feeling a little better so we bundled all up and went outside to play. 

 L-bug wanted to make a snowman, but it wasn't good packing snow, so she made a pyramid.  Then she got bored with the pyramid and made it a volcano.

 After hot cocoa and warming up Ro-bear decided to finger paint and L-bug water colored with her new 'real' paints from Christmas.

 This is what happens when you give a kid with ocd finger paints.  She painted for a second then ran to wash her hands.
 The girls all asked for mommy.  Ro-bear asked for a hello kitty hat, but I was out of white so she happily said it should be yellow kitty.  Boo has a pink and dark pink striped hat with heart earflaps, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture.  And I had to buy some new needles to start on the cable knit hat that L-bug wants, but I just got them in the mail and as soon as I get Boo and Ro in bed I'm going to work on it some more. 

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